First day on Mastodon after reading a great post by @kev!

Any tips on who to follow are very welcome! πŸ™

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@beeman Welcome to the Fediverse. Great crowd at Fosstodon - you’ve chosen a good instance.


@beeman @kev

Welcome! I built this little tool to help find people:

Maybe can help find some good people around.

@beeman This face looks familiar! Seems like I know you from Twitter πŸ‘‹

Welcome to the good side of life ^^


@beeman @kev

Hello, and welcome to the #fediverse!

I recommend you post an #introductions post filled with hashtags about your interest. That will help others find you, and let them know what you have in common.

There's also a project called trunk, which helps you fill your feed based on interests:

@beeman @kev You're on a good instance, be sure to check out your local and federated feeds. You might swing by for another tech-ish node in the Fediverse.

Have fun!

@beeman @kev Finding the right people to follow definitely takes some effort.

I recommend:
βœ… initially open up every single person and their follows in a new tab
βœ… check if you like their type of toots and and if you do then follow them
βœ… then watch your Home timeline and block folks you don't enjoy and add more folks you do
βœ… you can also search by hashtags for topics of your interest.

Welcome πŸ”₯

@beeman @kev welcome aboard! Some good people to follow

@ChrisWere Linux gamer and tech enthusiast Foss advocate

@stux for cat pics and gifs

@selea Linux sysadmin all around good guy

@sir Floss advocate creator of #SourceHut (GitHub alternative) and #aerc (cli email client)

Many more great people on here. Too many to name if I did not name you please don't be offended.

@beeman @kev

Hey there, welcome to Mastodon!

I'm trying to spread word about interesting accounts to follow, you can see all the ones I've recommended so far here:

@beeman @kev Yeah, read local feed (g l shortcut), find toots you like, check on authors of these toots, follow. Local on this instance is delightful!

@beeman @kev
Who to follow depends on whether you think the email is broken or not πŸ˜„

@beeman @kev Hi,
welcome here. You have chosen a great instance, there are many you might like to follow. But might I recommend @TheFuzzStone and @onepict
Both regularly post very good foss and privacy content.

@beeman Yay another new user!😁 πŸŽ‰ Welcome To MastodonπŸŽ‰ . The people here in are really nice and you are going to have so much fun talking to other people with the same interests as you and the best part is that its decentralized and open sourced! no more proprietary corporate titans controlling what you can and cant say on there platform! Here in Mastodon is a place where you can truly be you! :mastodon:

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