PinePhone + Babyface Pro playing music with a battery pack

Meanwhile, the people actually working on GNU are setting up their own infrastructure independent of the FSF


The degree to which Stallman has sabotaged his own cause is obscene.

ACSHUALLY, being misogynistic and transphobic is okay, as long as you don't meet my arbitrary threshold of terribleness which I get to decide for all women and trans people what they are allowed to be upset about

🤣 Witness this capitalism apologist reckon with the cognitive dissonance of supporting the Free Software Foundation and finding out that the FSF employees are unionized.

I interrupt my rambling about That Guy for this very important video of an adorable seal.

I was frustrated just trying to play some music in Elisa using PipeWire and about to try switching back to PulseAudio or JACK when I realized the problem was that the volume on my audio interface's output was fully turned down 😅 Moral of the story? I'm not sure, but metering of audio signals is invaluable in complex systems.

This is the most amusing spam post I have seen.

This storm stretches from Mexico to Canada. 👀 🌨️

I'm wearing multiple layers on top and bottom with the furnace on as high as it goes and I'm still cold.

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