SoundTouch, a library which both Mixxx and Tenacity depend on, got banned from ( without explanation which broke vcpkg builds for Mixxx. I emailed the maintainer and he followed my suggestion to move it to Codeberg:

This is what inspired my recent toot about uploading software to

Never have I appreciated more that Git is decentralized.

@be Well why not but I guess folks in the US should consider self-hosting or hosting at a reasonable place (which codeberg might be).
EU has an equivalent of DMCA but I would be a bit surprised if complaints (like all others) wouldn't need to be verified.

@XxAlexXx No clue. The SoundTouch maintainer asked GitLab support but has not gotten a response (yet).

@be Ok Im a paranoid guy. So I would advise to see his recent commits and whether he put some sort of malware before the ban. That may be just me

@XxAlexXx The commits are right there on Codeberg. The commit hashes match my local clone. I don't see anything suspicious.

@meena @XxAlexXx plausible that a spambot sent a DMCA takedown 🤷

@be @meena hmmmm how about a virustotal check as well as a network check?

@XxAlexXx @meena Why would I trust that more than looking through the Git commits one by one since the last time I looked at the repository?

@be @meena well virustotal is pretty trusted and contains a lot of antiviruses and if its an online software that doesn't require internet, then that's sus.

@XxAlexXx @meena I consider anything that describes itself as an "antivirus" to be a virus.

@be I mean people trust it. And it found lots of viruses and virus investigators use it. So it must have validity to be referenced so much.

@be I don't even want to think of a world where GitHub/GitLab are the only options, as it often already feels like :blobcatscared:
(love you @codeberg)

@Little__Ham @be @codeberg This is something I could easily choose to use in Bordeaux for dynamic playback speed changes. Is it somehow related to their going public, which I think was also yesterday??

@tychosoft @Little__Ham @codeberg You should probably use Rubberband instead unless you have major CPU constraints. Rubberband sounds much better.

@be @Little__Ham @codeberg parallel execution of concurrent audio streams would be important to me...

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