Wooow I just saw a GNOME developer call this politely asking for a simple feature where the maintainer mocks users as people "harassing" the maintainer "over years". 🙄🙄 Get over yourselves.

This just reinforces my impression that there are endemic cultural problems in GNOME and furthers my desire to avoid GNOME.

@be I’m new to this space but I’ve seen a lot of pretty terrible interactions between the GNOME developers and users. I think (hope) this is unique and not representative of the larger FOSS community

@kaidao It isn't representative of the larger FOSS community. Most maintainers don't openly insult users on their issue trackers.

@be that’s what I figured. It’s a shame though. Coming from mainly a OSX background, I like UI direction of GNOME

@kaidao I appreciate quite a bit about GNOME's and GNOME applications' designs. But sometimes it's just ridiculous. It's kinda a meme how hard it is after all these years to just type a file path in the GTK file chooser.

@be That seems to be a general issue with things that are in both GNOME and systemd, their developers seem to be very much holier than though, there is a reason why I don't use a mac, and that is that I want to work with things how I like to, not how the developers do, now I'm not sure if I'm one to speak though, I use cmus to play music :p

@sotolf My interactions with systemd maintainers have so far been fine FWIW.

@be Yeah, that's at least something, I've just read some horror stories there too, it goes kind of in the opposite direction of including too little though.

I'm mostly using rather niche programs because most of them just don't work in a way I like them to, but it works well for me.

@sotolf I'm baffled that the Lollypop maintainer got upset that I didn't use his software because he refused to implement something I wanted... as if people are obligated to use his software or something. Really strange.

@be Yeah, that's really weird, if the thing doesn't do what you need it to, either he should just accept that people won't use it or accept a pull request on it, not trying to guilt someone into it because he thinks it's better to do it manually through the file manager ;)

@sotolf Yeah when people say stuff like "well I left Mixxx for Serato" I don't get offended. If they were obnoxious, which is often the case with people who say that, I'm glad they're leaving me alone. Otherwise it's just a reminder of aspects of the software that I already am well aware are lacking.

@be Yeah, it would be something else if he said "I know, I don't really have a solution for that and it's not prioritized at the moment but you're welcom to submit a patch if you really want it done sooner" but I don't really understand why he wants to be a dick about it to be honest, maybe he's having a bad day? Or is it already a pattern, some times it's hard to say from a single interaction.

@sotolf I'm sure sometimes I come off a bit abrasive to newcomers when I'm hangry or having a bad day, but I don't insult people asking for stuff.

@be Yeah, there is a line there, there is a difference between being short and to the point and being a dick, some people are good communicators and some aren't, I'm not really a good one myself, but at least I'm aware of it :)

Some people just are dicks though.

@be I like the UI of gnome. What I don’t like is gnome always thinking that they are doing it the right way and everyone else is wrong. Gnome seems to be going on a my way or the high way path, it’s kinda a shame that QT is so ugly.

@caughtquick You can make Qt look however you want. If you think the default theme on your system is ugly, try another.

@be I’ve tried many, GTK app design however just looks better to me than QT app design

@be MauiKit apps look great though in my experience feel sluggish

@be After some testings with both GNOME and KDE, I have to confess I agree with that guy, a music player shouldn't be able to delete files as it's what a file manager is meant for. (just my honest opinion, totally open to be proven wrong)...

@nacioss @be I agree with him as well. Music players shouldn't do “destructive” actions. Many players manage the music library using a database, so deletion means deleting from the database and not from the filesystem, which IMO is better.

@avalos Here's another one, this time refusing to cooperate with KDE developers.

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