I didn't have time to follow the Audacity acquisition story too closely until now, but...

Muse Group is... Wow. I mean, the sheer entitlement and tone-deafness of those guys.

Plus that part where they pretty much tried to intimidate an open-source tool developer into giving up his project, instead of patching up holes that would allow this tool to exist in the first place...

And yeah. Muse group is based in Kaliningrad, Russia, with a number of off-shore shell companies in Cyprus or wherever else. I knew it immediately as soon as the things got a little... Putin-y.

Tantacrul, please get out of there as soon as you can.

I would have said "Fuck all that noise, go @tenacity" by now, but it doesn't build on my Manjaro. :(

@drq @tenacity Uninstall portsmf. The Arch package is broken. Not that it is Arch's fault, the library itself was broken before we forked it.


@drq @tenacity And DO NOT use the tenacity-git AUR package! This is completely broken, unofficial, and we've explicitly asked the maintainer of that NOT to package Tenacity before we make a release.

@be @drq @tenacity This seals it for me.
I thought from the start that the AUR couldn't be trusted and I've had nothing but trouble with Manjaro trying to get packages to build.
No more more Arch based experiments for me.

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