Audacity may collect "Data necessary for law enforcement, litigation and authorities’ requests (if any)" according to new privacy notice

@be ah entirely reasonable for a non-Internet desktop app 🙃

@be If it hasn't been done already, someone should fork it. Criminalizing people for using an audio editor is not my idea of software freedom.

@be fuuuck these people how can we run them off. This shit is toxic! I was excited when I first heard the idea that Audacity might have a new source of funding and maintenance but not at the cost of it becoming a corporate leech

@liaizon We can't run them off. We can fork, or we can make something without decades of technical debt.

@be I think there is merit to rebelling against what I see as a hostel takeover of a community resource. They are using the name Audacity and the code of Audacity to build their own empire and they are directly using the ingrained built up trust of years and years of community floss work to build their business on. I think they should be ashamed.

@be yeah that tears it, I'm switching to a fork if I can find one. I can't think of any valid reason they'd be gathering data on systems that they should be gathering (aka basic anonymous analytics) that'd also be useful for handing over to law enforcement.

@be We need to know that IP or DNS sends the reports and block it.

@be other solution

# echo "" >> /etc/hosts

@be Telemetry is one thing. But the data they transmit should not be relevant at all to authorities as far as I can see.

How can they justify that added note without being in a position where they perform some form of surveillance?

@be The....audacity....of those people. Seriously though, that is a terrible change and honestly unreasonable.

@be that's just following russia's rules on private data. "If you are under 13 years old, please do not use the App." is a lot more interesting imho :)

@prokoudine @be And that is following the US's, but it means they see the app as on the internet, not stand alone
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