Well, here it is, a CLA giving Muse Group unilateral authority to relicense Audacity with no strings attached:

🤣 They banned me from the Audacity GitHub repository.

@be Even though they're making a lot of noise about remaining open, this kind of stuff - particularly when done by a company rather than a foundation - usually leads to the subsequent production of closed versions containing proprietary code.

@bob @be
> We will likely offer separate cloud services that Audacity users can take advantage of if they choose. These services will fund the future development of Audacity, in much the same way that funds the development of MuseScore composition software.

@bob @be They've had control over MuseScore for 3 years now. They upgraded the code base to GPLv3. They haven't released closed source version of it. That looks like a clean track record so far to me

@prokoudine @bob They have actually reused code from MuseScore in proprietary iOS and Android applications.

@be @bob the mobile apps have always been proprietary, with code from the desktop app. the original team did it, but the new one is to blame?

@prokoudine @bob Well then the original team was sketchy too.

@be @bob I could be remembering things wrong, but they too used proprietary code. AFAIK, it had smth to do with following your playing. I'd have to ask Thomas about that to make sure I'm not talking out of my arse

@prokoudine @bob A disturbing aspect of this reasoning is how it supports the bullshit idea that Google and Apple have convinced people of that they are not entitled to control of their computers if those computers fit in their pocket.

@prokoudine @bob The MuseScore developers (old and new) think it's fine for software to be proprietary if it runs on a computer that fits in your pocket.

@be I am so glad Audacity isnt licensed by an open source license. If this was done with Apache or smth else the story would be different...

@be Wouldn't relicensing to GPLv3+ (notice the `+`) do the trick?

@lig Yes. That excuse is either malicious or incompetent. Maybe some of both.

@be @joerebelloharley Do you think they might go back on this if there's enough pressure, like with telemetry?

@josias @joerebelloharley This is a core aspect of their business strategy. They will not sacrifice it.

@be None of what I'm reading about what is happening to Audacity is good. Signing a CLA with a for-profit company is a bad idea.

If it's not forked already then maybe it's time to think about that.

@be the new maintainers of audacity are so great at it /s

@zxo the old ones were hardly any better

@be, of course they did, what did you expect?

The thing is I was looking into how their UI is implemented (they have support for legacy WinAmp 2.x themes) and analyzed what it would take to implememt that in Gio (a new unstable Golang UI toolkit)

@be couldn't help myself and commented "This is so gross and diseased, maybe you can rename it from AUDacity to CLAmydia!" so i guess i'm on the chopblock next

@be Stop being annoying, just give us the money! I mean labour! I mean great work on audacity!

So we can use it in our wonderful proprietary products which we'll use to not pay you :)

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