Snap is an attempt by Canonical to control Linux applications. The only Snap server is run by Canonical and they have not published the server software. Don't support Snap.


If you want to know why there is so much resentment towards Canonical and Ubuntu in the rest of the Linux world, this is a good example.

My company gave Ubuntu Core (a Snap based distro) a serious look, despite our distaste. Start by forgoing most security, like system users ("it's coming" since 2018), paying royalties to run your Canonical controlled snapstore, broken compatibility on every update so far, and a mandatory app API that only supports desktop apps. The "many existing applications" is zero, b/c only desktop apps are currently allowed in the public store, while U.C. targets headless edge IoT. Total PR garbage.

To be fair though, Flatpak and Snap have similar problems with defining a permission interface that is desktop first and doesn't do well with daemons. But things like Fedora Silverblue don't rely on Flatpaks for daemons, and instead run custom containers, while Ubuntu's equivalent, Ubuntu Core, is "snaps all the way down" despite their inability to provide what's needed.

@be and 5 years later we see that it really isnt going very well and quite the opposite of "uniting" any distros. On the surface Its "okay" package management at best for those using it.

@be A quick look at Flatpak's packages will tell you all you need to know. Also, even Elementary (derived from Ubuntu) is moving to Flatpak with 6.

@be also because they're fucking white south african blood money and have never been a good-faith participant in the larger community

@migratory Ah yeah, it's just great how a white South African billionaire appropriated a Bantu term (Ubuntu) an turned it into a global brand.

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