So @colombene and I started a blog/newsletter called Possible Futures.

It's a curation of projects and ideas, primarily in the tech industry,
working for justice.

Our first issue is on Workplace Democracy. Check it out! 🙂

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@be @colombene I saw that! Thanks for sharing.

We were actually just talking last night about what the next issue's theme might be and one idea was highlighting the different tech justice tendencies that are moving beyond the FOSS framing. This one was already on my mind for that.

(Re-drafted to be behind a CW)

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@clayton @be @colombene this is an interesting proposal. I'm a bit concerned about the extension of "cooperative" beyond the co-op movement per se, but it's not clear to me if this does that. I also encourage this effort to consider solidarity with Ethical Source rather than opposition.

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@ntnsndr @clayton @colombene I'd love to see this term catch on and inspire more cooperative enterprises for making technology.

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@clayton @be @colombene I guess it does express support for Ethical Source's values, if not methods. that's good enough for me.

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@clayton @be @colombene I'm very interested in this. I think it would be valuable to crystalize the idea in some clearer statements of commitment.

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@ntnsndr @clayton @colombene We had a discussion about this the other week. I think it would be great if someone summarized it in a blog post.

@be @clayton @colombene but another reason to deepen the engagement with Ethical Source is precisely the source of the issues with Stallman: not just economic concerns, but also a refusal to see justice as extending beyond just maximal personal freedom, toward shared values.

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