Hot take: eMMC drives in laptops are a user-hostile technology designed to push people to put their data in The Cloud(TM).

@be I wouldn’t say so directly. It might contribute. But it depends on what they’re using the device for.

Not to mention external hard drives exist. And they’re easy to use as a flash drive and about as cheap honestly.

It’s another case of people needing to learn what their tools can really do instead of relying on the back of the cereal box, per se, for instruction.

@wholesomedonut Yeah external drives exist and are cheap, but who wants to carry around an external drive with their laptop all the time?

@be if you’re already lugging a laptop around then chances are you’re also lugging a power cable and maybe some headphones. Probably in a backpack or shoulder satchel. A 3.5” slab smaller than your iPhone 9000 isn’t a big space commitment.

@wholesomedonut It's still inconvenient to have one more thing and one less USB port.

@be this is when you also lug a USB hub around 🤩

In all seriousness I’ve never got myself into that problem, or at least never minded when I had it. I find it hard to relate.

I’d rather use a 64GB eMMC with 2 USB ports and a decent battery on a business trip than my battle tank of a Thinkpad. That mofo is heavy.

@wholesomedonut Sure, it depends what you're doing. I would not use a laptop with < 512 GB SSD for my music library.

@be idk. maybe uncomfortably warm for some, but definitely not *hot* 😎😅

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