"If my grandmother cannot participate in the administration of the technology she uses, her best interests may not be adequately represented by the technology. Whether she is beholden to a corporation or to a system administrator, that is not digital freedom."

@be you’re welcome on our 8 person instance if you like. 💜 although, i’m not sure i can be trusted. not that i would have any malicious intents… i am but a mere #userdev who got my skills in #cooperativeTech through loveable and kind devs who had the decency and patience to empower me with computer literacy.

@setto Thanks for the invitation. I'll consider it. Although I would rather move towards a fediverse of small server applications and native clients than web applications which try to do both backend and frontend.

@be waving from pleroma fe is optional here. but i hear you. the dream of having a personal assistant that can talk to the whole wide world but is only mine prevails im my heart too.

@be “Alas, naive decentralisation is an experiment in anarchy. Anarchy, whether real or cyber, is a zone where life is “nasty, brutish, and short”; there is no guarantee of true freedom. In any anarchy, soon the power hungry will fill in the void. Remember, history teaches these new despots often establish totalitarian regimes no better than those originally overturned.” :thonking:

@be “ In political history, the birth of free nations typically contains three stages: dictatorship, briefly overthrown to anarchy, reformed to democracy. Democracy balances the will of the people with the efficiency of centralisation.” :think_marx:

@ghost_bird Yeah I don't totally agree with those parts of the essay. Nevertheless there are a lot of good ideas in there IMO.

@be It’s a big part of the essay once you start reading. I’d rather see a critique from someone with a better grasp of politics, tbh, even when I agree with the substance

@ghost_bird You could write your own take. I'd be interested to read it.

@be ADHD makes me bad at long-form stuff, but I’ll give it some thought

@be This isn’t quite the same thing, but “communal software” seems like a better starting point than the inevitable march of democracy:

@be No, I didn’t! It’s a good piece and I like it very much - as I’m sure you can tell ;-)

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