Maybe we should have listened more to Linus Torvalds:

This is the most heartfelt and genuine I've ever seen Linus.

I watched that the other day. Linus was very clear about his reasoning

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It's certainly a thoughtful response, but there's a lot to unpack here.

The issue of tivoization is a complex one, but it ultimately comes down to the fact that a company (TiVo) came up with a way to circumvent the practical benefits of the GPL.

The FSF's efforts were to restore the abilities of someone who had GPLed code to have the same benefits as before.

As for the touchy-feely "Crazy, bigoted people" statement, Linus has a long history of being abusive to people.


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Going back to license iteration vs new license- we see this happening in other licenses, such as Creative Commons license.

It's hard to iterate on a license, but it's necessary to address issues the license may have. It's much harder (often impossible) to have everyone sign off on a new license especially on a big project, because sometimes people change contact, or pass on.

The GPLv2 has other problemsthat were addressed in GPLv3. It's hard to strike a perfect balance.

Indeed, Linus' own history of treating people is there in public record was deplorable, and at least publicly Linus has demonstrated willingness to change
RMS and some of the board of the FSF haven't.

@onepict @emacsen I find it amusing that ArsTechnica chose that photo as the cover for that article... still, fuck nVidia, and yes, they deserve the expletive.

@onepict @emacsen People trying to actually contribute to Linux, even if they do so in very stupid ways, of course do not deserve Linus' expletives. But companies making proprietary Linux drivers? Yes, fuck them.

I remember being at uni in the late 90s and my friends in my class were really excited that their kernel patch was accepted. Can't remember what it was for. We still had different flavours of Unix and Windows at our labs. No Linux, so it was niche and getting the patch accepted was and still is a big deal to folks.

@onepict @emacsen I haven't followed what Linus has been doing since that break from development. Has he stopped flaming people on LKML?

@onepict I still disagree with his conclusion. But I respect losing so much trust in Stallman that he didn't want to empower Stallman further.

If only we had listened 🙄 not just to Linus but to everyone RMS abused with his misuse of power and influence. The staff, people who hosted him, and folks who were made to feel unsafe at places he was.

@onepict The impression I get from this video is that more than his objection to the new terms of the GPLv3, it was the way Stallman didn't care about his opinion and tried to trick Linus into going along anyway that upset Linus.

That's the impression I had too. It wasn't just RMS who worked on GPLv3. I remember being in Edinburgh at SSCL when Eben Moglen presented it.

I remember that and being stunned by it. Spoke to Bradley at a conference not long after about, he was confused and stunned by it as well.

He's quite, gentle here. Like calm and everything.

@be This was where I gained my annoyance for Tivoisation from! 😆👍

It’s truly heartfelt though

@joerebelloharley @be Tivoization or the anti-Tivoization clause?

(Yes, I'm American. 🙂)

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