Every software project should have an updated "roadmap" page so that we have a clear view of the direction of the current development

I mean, I like surprises also, but this would be great I think

What about you?


@sphyphes Haha that would require the maintainers to talk about stuff

@sphyphes More than talking about stuff, it would require the maintainers to actually have some process for making definitive decisions without months of bikeshedding! How could you expect such enormous work from unpaid volunteers?

@sphyphes And a reliable, automated release process. You sure are asking a lot!

@be I see what you mean
But no need for automated stuff
Just tell in 10 points what happened last month, and in 5 what is about to happen in the next (even if there are unexpected shifts, having a direction is good!)
For little projects, you make a point
For quite big ones, I don't think it's big effort

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