Reminder that GitLab is not your friend and "open core"/freemium/proprietary (re)licensing is inherently hostile to community.

@be Thank you for sharing, I wasn't aware of that.

Although dirty copyleft exploitation is still better than full proprietary in my opinion...

Just like I don't judge electric bikes too hard because they're still better than cars.

@be I don't see the issue. It's an employer's decision of whom to conduct business with. It is also their decision to limit political discussion or any other activities while on company time. This in no way limits legal actions against harassment or racial inequality, or determines what employees can do while on break.

I also totally don't see what that has to do with the freemium distribution model?

@fedops "It's an employer's decision" is the problem of capitalism.

It's not directly tied to freemium licensing, but they're both messed up and it's not at all surprising that a company that does one would do the other too.

@be yeah it's the direct effect of employees selling their time to employers. It's not capitalism as such, but employment. Part of the deal is you have little say in what you get to do or not to do during those hours.

@fedops Employees selling their time to people who have money they need is IMO the essence of capitalism.

@be it was the same in socialism/communism. Only sugarcoated by the fact the employer was the people. If you chose to believe that.

@fedops The solution is not have anyone be the "employer" who has unilateral authoritarian power.

@be interesting. Having seen socialism in ex-eastern Germany I have my doubts it will work. But a few steps towards social capitalism as currently exists in Europe would help you a lot I think. Start with basic things like universal healthcare, right to privacy, and regulated work time.

@fedops Yes, if only we could have nice things like that here in the USA.

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