Also announcing PawPaw, a project that will do LV2 plugin ports for macOS and Windows.

Pushing LV2 forward!! Let's gooo!

@falktx Awesome! We're currently rebuilding Mixxx's Windows dependencies with vcpkg. This motivates me to ensure that lilv is included and working. :) By the way, our macOS builds already have LV2 enabled.

@be yeah someone told me on IRC that mixxx had lv2 support on macos, but not on windows. I quickly took a screenshot of that for the release. would be great to see lv2 enabled on windows too!


@falktx We got PawPaw's LV2 plugins detected in Mixxx on Windows :)

@falktx No extra configuration needed, just installing PawPaw plugins and Mixxx and it worked.

@be that is amazing, nice work!

let me know if you need any plugin in particular, I will add it to PawPaw.

@falktx Cool, thanks for offering. Maybe the Rubberband plugin? Mixxx already uses Rubberband for the tempo fader and deck key knob, but it would be cool to also have it available to position arbitrarily within effects chains.

@be yeah, would be best if the project supported building it. is your cmake PR getting merged soon? if not, I can always hack around a quick makefile

@falktx Haha which CMake PR? I've been sending a lot of those upstream to Mixxx's dependencies to get them working with vcpkg.

@falktx We're still discussing the roadmap for merging that with the Rubberband maintainer, but he's responsive so I don't think it will be very long. After that I could get the LV2 plugin building with CMake and send that upstream.

@be sounds good. the lv2 plugin already works as-is afaik, so it is really just making that part of the build process.
ping me when it gets merged, and I will quickly add it to PawPaw then.

@falktx You may want to look into using vcpkg for PawPaw's dependencies.

@falktx We previously used a bunch of batch scripts for our Windows dependencies on our own build server. That server went down and I couldn't get the batch scripts working on GitHub Actions, so we're switching to using vcpkg to build dependencies on GitHub Actions. Also, batch scripts are such a hassle that nobody cared enough to add new libraries for Windows.

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