Day 14

I'm going to share this one outside of Mastodon for the first time...

@bbbhltz Don't let the door hit you on the way out :p

@sotolf Honestly, Tool is metal. All the people that I have heard say that Tool is not have at some point become Tool fans later. They were just listening to the gatekeepers and never gave it a chance.

@bbbhltz yeah listening to gatekeepers is the worst :)

@sotolf @bbbhltz It's mainly a gatekeeper thing, yeah. I honestly don't care which label is attached. :)

@bbbhltz I am incredibly sad.. it doesn't show the entire post in my RSS feed reader but other than that.. this is a really nice blog post, and I think it can serve as a nice introduction to the fediverse.

@metalune there must be an option for that in my config.

@bbbhltz Nice write up! I was explaining to a family member the other day and now I plan to share this article with them as well.

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