@metalune @bbbhltz @qutebrowser @the_compiler Can somebody shed some light on why I should trust a web browser developed by single person in part time? It eludes me.

@samurro @metalune @bbbhltz @qutebrowser @the_compiler Why would you trust it any less than one developed by the biggest advertising company we have now a days? You're free to use anything else, but no need to spread FUD, the code is open if you want to look for errors...

@sotolf @metalune @bbbhltz @qutebrowser @the_compiler Sorry but your comment doesn't make much sense. I think Google is a bit more capable of producing a secure browser compared to johndoe. But that was not my intention here.

I am just curious how people which value & can use something like this without having any concerns.

@metalune @samurro @bbbhltz @qutebrowser @the_compiler And it's built on tried and true libraries as well, which one can see when one looks a bit into the source code :)

@samurro @metalune @bbbhltz @qutebrowser @the_compiler

How can you be so sure that what a big company like google which is a company built on using your personal information to sell ads is going to protect you more than any other project? Also if you look into the code you'll see that the project is built on top on QT-WebEngine, which is the same web rendering engine used in Chrome.

@sotolf @samurro @metalune
The first time I used Qutebrowser I was not as interested in digital privacy as I am today. I liked using it because it was pretty light, fast enough, and gave me some more screen real estate. The key bindings made it easy to get around the web too. Today, I don't consider team size when choosing an app. If there is development activity, I am happy. The developer, who was tagged in my first toot, certainly has an ethical side too blog.qutebrowser.org/paying-it which is good.

@sotolf @samurro @metalune and I guess one person can get things done, sometimes faster than a team or committee

see entry 7 qutebrowser.org/doc/faq.html

@bbbhltz @sotolf @metalune I find it a bit hard to believe just because nobody is reporting security issues, that they don't exist. But anyway, didn't want to step on anybodies toes. Was just genuinely interested.

@samurro @bbbhltz @metalune Then usually phrasing a question in a less antoganistic manner is going to net you a more friendly and better answer ;)

@samurro @bbbhltz @sotolf @metalune Of course I can't prove the absence of security issues. Still, like mentioned in that FAQ entry, qutebrowser's surface for security-relevant issues is relatively small, because it doesn't need to take care of network requests, rendering, etc. itself - that's all handled by the underlying QtWebEngine/Chromium. I've also been toying with the idea of paying someone for a security audit, but I suspect that's going to be expensive for a donation-funded project.

@the_compiler @samurro @sotolf @metalune I'd imagine the demand for security audits is getting higher so the price will only go up

@samurro @bbbhltz

It is not developed by a single person. The actual browsing engine is QtWebEngine which in turn takes it's code from Chromium.

Point 7: Is qutebrowser secure?


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