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Announcing the winners of the LibreOffice Template Contest with Adfinis, which started in December!

Get. Those. Tunes.
Support the artists!

Is it Bandcamp Friday? Yes it is!

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👋 tout le monde
Alors voilà, je m’appelle Simon, ça fait un an que je suis sur le fediverse, et j’aime beaucoup la philosophie du lieu. J’adore ma petite radio 📻, j’aime les vinyles, la photo, j’aime geeker sur gnu/Linux et chercher la solution la plus commode.
Je n’ai pas fait d’études d’info mais parfois je regrette, j’aimerai bien creuser le truc.

J’ai fait un site ( que j’envoie aux gens quand ils me demandent pourquoi je n’utilise plus les GAFAM.

La bise 😘

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Today's #100DaysToOffload operation involves how to self-host #Searx using #Debian and #nginx. There's some space drama too!

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I need some blogs to add to my blogroll (and my personal reading list) at

Send me your favorite blogs. Increase discovery of personal websites.

(Gemini capsules also welcome)

Anyone know any tricks for extracting JUST the annotations from a PDF file?

students, or anyone who has ever been a student, which theme should your prof use? I have been using Berlin/whale but it is a little too busy sometimes, so I have switched to default/orchid but now it looks too boring.


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Mastodon Friends on xmpp need more friends.
Please DM your ID so I can add you?

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If you have an e-reader (Kindle, Kobo, something else) do you ever use the web browser?

Please feel free to comment with what you use it for and share your favourite sites!

Finally might be able to replace Goodreads. Thanks to @tripofmice I have a bookwyrm account and a few invites too

This cloud-based world with nothing you can touch really bums us out. Between the three of us we have two phones (both flip phones) and we send out a damn paper newsletter. We’ll do anything we can to fight the signal-to-noise nightmare that is the Internet…endless Facebook events that so many people won’t even see unless we put our money into the big computer…everything is just so cluttered and insane.

Sapling strike back at a cloud-based music world with ‘Bitchshifter'

Babysitter for the kiddo. Co-op Stardew Valley with the lady. Takeout Chinese. Life is nice.

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Ariane now lets you override the page background for those that want to customise their experience, available in 2.3.9+. It just uses the HTML standard named colours, no curation, so some will look terrible.

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New #blog post: “Keeping platforms open”

Web version:

Gemini version: gemini://

It’s a follow-up to my previous article, “Whatsapp and the domestication of users”.

Introductory quote:

Hard problems, by definition, lack easy solutions. Simply choosing (or creating) a platform that avoids user domestication isn’t enough if that platform can change. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance; in addition to settling on the right platform, we must ensure that it honors its users in both the present and the future. Keeping a platform FOSS and simple is more straightforward than keeping a platform “open”.

How do we keep an open platform from becoming a closed platform in the future?

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