Computers are great but maybe we shouldn't use them for everything. Just like how candy is great, but we shouldn't just eat candy.

That feeling, when you finish your homework JUST before the deadline...

.NET in Gentoo is dying

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Project dotnet is left without members!


due to the retirement of project dotnet's last member, it is now
effectively left without any members. If you have any use for packages
maintained by,
now's a perfect time to show some care for those.

I'll be assigning them to m-n in 2-4 weeks time from now otherwise, and
I fear this will be the death of mono ecosystem in Gentoo.

-- juippis
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@sotolf I use Qutebrowser and Librewolf as main browsers. I'd rather Firefox based browsers despite are not technically the best just because to resist the Chromium monopoly.

About brave I never liked but I have to admit that since Eich left Mozilla Firefox has never been the same. Mozilla should focus on Firefox instead of all the bullshit around there. Or at least leave Firefox alone like they did with Rust.

I support Firefox but not fucking Mozilla.

Synapse 1.32.2 is out! Mostly internal changes as we've now dropped support for Python 3.6, but a few goodies as we get ready for Spaces and make presence routing configurable.

(Regressions blocked the .0 / .1 releases; sorry! 😢)

GNU/Linux is stupid.

Say GNU+Linux

+ means and
/ means or

wtf is the / for.

the / is why most people call it linux, because "foo/bar" means "foo or bar" but then, people think foo and bar are the same thing. and linux is easier to pronounce than GNU so people say linux

if you say GNU+Linux, people can see clearly that it's *2* different things side by side, so they're more likely to say GNU as a component of the core operating system that is GNU+Linux

reject /. embrace the +. + is life

google books is an interesting thing because they just took a bunch of books and scanned them in hope that the publishers would let them distribute the scans

but the publisher's didn't

so now there's a bunch of long out of print and rare books sitting on a server somewhere, because legally they can't show it to you.

fucking bullshit. copyright is literally evil

"when I'm too tired to care about merge conflicts..."


Linux gamers:
dualboot fan < lutris, wine, steam enjoyer < native chad < libre gaming master race

About a week ago I came up with an idea to avoid using MS Stream to watch my lectures from university.

First, I bought a new VPS and set up my own instance. Then I wrote a script that downloads all the videos from the specified URLs and uploads it to my peertube. It took me a while to figure out how to do this, but it works great now!

This way I don't have to use non-free software to watch my lectures and It's WAAY faster than MS Stream.

Synapse 1.31 is out! Heads up: this is our final release with Python 3.5 and PostgreSQL 9.5 support.🐍☠️🐘

In the future, we'll follow upstream end-of-life schedules, which means dropping Python 3.6 and Postgres 9.6 at the end of this year.

More info at:

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