Our contributions to Linux 5.18 include support for Amlogic, MediaTek, Texas Instruments and Cortina SoCs along with subsystems like DRM and crypto baylibre.com/linux-kernel-5-18

BayLibre engineer Nicolas Pitre contributed a new implementation of RISC-V PMP support in Zephyr v3.1. Physical Memory Protection (PMP) is RISC-V parlance for a memory protection unit (MPU). baylibre.com/our-contributions

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🪁 Zephyr v3.1.0 was released at the beginning of June, and four BayLibre engineers contributed 111 commits to the release. Find out more about the new features on our blog: baylibre.com/our-contributions

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Interesting quote about the history of panic()

... from Embedded Linux Conf talk today 'If (oops) { Do_not_panic(); }' by Lucky Tyagi

PDF: static.sched.com/hosted_files/

🇫🇷🐧🧑‍🍳 and made for a magical week in Paris. After three long years apart, we truly appreciated the opportunity to reconnect with our fellow collaborators in the Linux kernel and other open source projects baylibre.com/embedded-recipes-

Interested in ? Last chance to register as a virtual attendee for the : hubs.la/Q01cSMKF0 We are proud to sponsor video streaming for all the keynotes and presentations. Recordings will be available on demand too.

Linus wrote in the Linux 5.19-rc1 announcement yesterday: 'One thing of note is how the long-time ARM generic kernel work (aka "multiplatform") is pretty much done after 10+ years. Congrats to everybody involved.' lore.kernel.org/lkml/CAHk-=wgZ

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📆 This Monday at #EmbeddedRecipes in Paris 🇫🇷, Alexandre Bailon from @baylibre will present how libAPU aims to provide a stack generic enough to support many AI/ML hardware accelerators upstream:
embedded-recipes.org/2022/talk #linux #linuxkernel #upstream

🇫🇷🤖🧑‍🍳 starts this coming Monday, May 30th! Nicolas Pitre will present a system call argument marshaling war story

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