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You are confused, why your program is not running!
I'm worried 😱, how the hell my program is running! I didn't even hit <run>. :blobcatscared:

I built my first go :golang: web app/api, with gin framework. ( )

The api is kinda useless as of now.

But, I really like go now! :ablobcatheart:

Being born on early 21 century, and living in rural India, I have seen the the development stream of internet very closely,

First there was, No network,
Then came, *only calling*, and after that
• 1-3kbps, 2G with cost beyond our capacity
• 5-20kbps, 2G
• 80 - 100 kbps, 3G (just for the namesake 🙃)
• 4G, 300-400kbps
• 1-1.5mbps
• 5-6mbps

I still remember, it used to take, more than an hour just to download a 2mb mp3

For last couple of months I was using Cloudflare Web Analytics on my blog. This week, I gave plausable a try. Their hosted solution is good, but self hosting is whole another story 🥵, that thing is a beast, hogging all the resources of my server.

I installed, umami today, it's quite nice, running peacefully, and it's written in JS, which I'm quite comfortable at, so tweaking, hacking would be easy. Script size is slightly heavier than plausable, which I can mitigate. Let's see how it turns out.

My 😅 Introduction,

I'm a college student, currently taking a course in Elementary Education, and will be taking admission in CS Bachelors this year.

I write stories in Bengali Language, mostly science fiction and social drama. Most of them got published in few renowned magazines.😁

I also love to build programs, which can be useful, fun or maybe silly.

I also write articles on complex scientific topics in plain Bengali language, so even everyone can easily understand.

Thank you

Implementing a from scratch is damn hard. Mostly because, you need to have massive data storage.

You have two choices, either use APIs from big fat search engines like google, bing etc or spend thousands on data storage.

Probably that's why we don't see indie search engines returning 'good' results. 😐

Someone gift me a data center.

Here's a poem I wrote last year. 

I want freedom?

Like I have it.
Like i know it.
Walls of glass,
See it, but
don't ever touch.
Prism of dreams,
Hope it,
Don't ever do.
All making me
Serve my master,
Better and better.
Slave? Am i?
No, I have a choice,
Choice to be free.
Will I break the chain?
No, I shall not; as,
I want in to Society.

I installed Gitea through caprovers on an oracle cloud instance and nuked the ssh connection!😁 Yikes...

Got my driver's license to drive 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers..

Now I just need pilot license 😅

Finally, after tinkering, hacking, patching all afternoon. My blog now has webmentions.

Got guidance from @anaulin's post at

Finally, after few hours of not-so-hard-work, my blog ( ) now supports Dark (Pure black) mode and share to mastodon button.
[Share to mastodon button inspired from @cadey 's blog (psst, mine validates urls btw 😉) ]

@cadey share to mastodon button on your blog doesn't check if urls are valid or not.

Another ! It's one of the hottest summers of this century in India. Every year, we put a bowl of water outside our house for the neighborhood's stray animals. We would refill them every 5-6 hours. But this year you'd not believe, there was kind of a `line` of animals (🐄 🐶 🐖 🐐🐿) for water. It's crazy! We now keep our outside door open so they can drink from 2-3 buckets we have in our house. I put large chunks of ice so that the water doesn't get too warm. What have we done to

My very own watermelon 🍉 garden!
Last month I ate a few watermelons and scattered its seeds all around our neighborhood, including our own flower garden! Here's the result 😊

Hello folks thought I should share,
From last month, I'm working on building an esoteric language which let's you program in ' language...

It's far from being complete, but take a look if you're interested 😁.

Its syntax is similar to .

Few examples->
[:: [+ mew mewmew mewmewmew]
//prints 6

[:: [+ mew [` mewmew mewmew] mewmew.mew.mew]]
// is equivalent to 2 + 22 + 2.11
//prints 26.11

When I came across protocol, it seemed a cool thing, but now I kinda have a mixed feeling about gemini. It's too much simple, and I can't imagine web without images and/or creatively designed CSSes.

I also agree to most of @kev's arguments in his article

I'd love to hear, what you folks think about gemini protocol, is it the future of or just gonna fade with time?

Hello folks, I need a little suggestion.

What tool/service do you use to cross-post mastodon to twitter?

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