@ialja I've been using this for quite some, the hand drawn style is the real reason for using.

Finally, after tinkering, hacking, patching all afternoon. My blog now has webmentions.

Got guidance from @anaulin's post at anaulin.org/blog/adding-webmen

Finally, after few hours of not-so-hard-work, my blog ( palashbauri.in ) now supports Dark (Pure black) mode and share to mastodon button.
[Share to mastodon button inspired from @cadey 's blog (psst, mine validates urls btw πŸ˜‰) ]

@cadey share to mastodon button on your blog doesn't check if urls are valid or not.

@kytta I get 2gb per day.

But that doesn't seem enough, cause somebody thought it is okay to put 10mb of javascript for just 500words of blog post.

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