Finally, after tinkering, hacking, patching all afternoon. My blog now has webmentions.

Got guidance from @anaulin's post at

Finally, after few hours of not-so-hard-work, my blog ( ) now supports Dark (Pure black) mode and share to mastodon button.
[Share to mastodon button inspired from @cadey 's blog (psst, mine validates urls btw πŸ˜‰) ]

Another ! It's one of the hottest summers of this century in India. Every year, we put a bowl of water outside our house for the neighborhood's stray animals. We would refill them every 5-6 hours. But this year you'd not believe, there was kind of a `line` of animals (πŸ„ 🐢 πŸ– 🐐🐿) for water. It's crazy! We now keep our outside door open so they can drink from 2-3 buckets we have in our house. I put large chunks of ice so that the water doesn't get too warm. What have we done to

My very own watermelon πŸ‰ garden!
Last month I ate a few watermelons and scattered its seeds all around our neighborhood, including our own flower garden! Here's the result 😊


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