Another ! It's one of the hottest summers of this century in India. Every year, we put a bowl of water outside our house for the neighborhood's stray animals. We would refill them every 5-6 hours. But this year you'd not believe, there was kind of a `line` of animals (πŸ„ 🐢 πŸ– 🐐🐿) for water. It's crazy! We now keep our outside door open so they can drink from 2-3 buckets we have in our house. I put large chunks of ice so that the water doesn't get too warm. What have we done to

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@littlealmeida Humans are fine, I'm just worried about the stray animals in this blazing hot weather.

@bauripalash yeah same! The situation has improved lately, but still really bad! At least there are trees in my area (not city)

@Aman9das Mine isn't a city either, and in Purulia, West Bengal you wouldn't find any place without trees but the problem is Water! And some people just love to burst out at stray animals.

@Aman9das so it's like life challenge for drinking water from public water taps or things like that.

@bauripalash near our home there is water tank and there isn't an issue for this reason.. midnapore myself btw

@Aman9das Summer is getting hotter and hotter every year! Conditions doesn't seem bright. πŸ₯΅


This is both heartwarming and sad.

It is great that you are able to help those animals!

Hopefully humanity can begin to work with nature, instead of against it. When will our society realize that domination of nature is impossible?

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