When I came across protocol, it seemed a cool thing, but now I kinda have a mixed feeling about gemini. It's too much simple, and I can't imagine web without images and/or creatively designed CSSes.

I also agree to most of @kev's arguments in his article kevq.uk/gemini-isnt-the-soluti

I'd love to hear, what you folks think about gemini protocol, is it the future of or just gonna fade with time?

@bauripalash I don't know if ever or anyone has claimed that #gemini is the solution to web problems. It's like:
For me, the discovery of Gemini drew attention to an interesting fact. You can do a lot with just a few resources. This includes everything that happens at #smallnet. Unlike in "big-net", where there are so many layers of abstraction that you need 100 developers for just about anything.


@szczezuja IRC rooms, mailing lists, discord nowadays are full of people including some bloggers who are promoting gemini like it's the universal solution for everything wrong with web. These kind of exclusionary radicalism is not helping gemini at all.
Don't get me wrong, gemini is nice, even I have a gemlog and I also built an open source tool to help me maintain my gemlog easily.

I just think, if this exclusionary stamp doesn't go away, gemini is not going to be "anything" in upcoming years

@bauripalash I’m thinking that the key problem of today’s web is populated by uneducated people, who are hypnotized by big monopolies to do their incomes. That can’t be resolved by new protocol. Gemini is only a sign that we could do all in different way. Several people did everything what is on big-net projects. But you must have knowledge to understand and use it. For me it isn’t exclusion. It is an encouragement to develop yourself. I’m writing my thoughts on my Gemlog.

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