Couple months ago, on the official python mailing list, I asked, which tool developers prefer/use to build and distribute their program for windows end users.

I got some nice helpful replies but someone replied , they said something like, "you should only focus on building your program, distributing python is our job"

No disrespect, but I don't know, if they were being sarcastic or serious :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@bauripalash In either cases, it's pretty unhelpful. One of the answer is to use the PyInstaller tool to package your python code into an executable that can be distributed for Windows end-users. Hope this helps.

@LinuxLegend yeah, I used pyinstaller, suggested by some nice folks on that mail thread

@bauripalash I also get that a lot with C# folks as well. I gave up with C# a long time ago due to their attitude toward Linux.


I don't know anything about packaging Python projects for Windows, but generally, packaging 3rd-party software for various *Unix* systems is usually done by the maintainers of the individual systems.

This could be where that other person was coming from? ... which may mean they were glossing over what you wanted to do and just saw "Random developer wants distro to adopt/distribute their software".

@kusalananda there's a plus points for *nix systems, most have some version of python pre-installed.

@bauripalash I suspect that it was some sort of knee-jerk reaction from that other person.

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