@batvin3211 no way! Is it more impulsive, attention related, both? Hyperactive?

@brandon both, i should be doing my collage homework but i am on here and and other things. I do take medication. My problem might be i am fully addicted to computers, YouTube like platforms, and Linux.
At least i have my distro hopping addiction at bay for now...

@batvin3211 I can fully appreciate that addiction. Social media, YouTube, etc, it’s basically heroin for ADHDers. I’ve had to use parental restrictions on my phone and computers just to make up for that addiction.

It becomes way too easy otherwise just to fall down some rabbit hole. Do you have any strategies for dealing with ADHD symptoms other than the medication?


@brandon i have strategies, i forget to use them

@batvin3211 I recently got this reminders app that will incessantly remind me to do a thing. If you’re on iPhone it’s $10 but it’s well worth it

@brandon pomodoro, i clear my mind by clearing my desk or taking a walk, aroma therapy, making a cup of green tea

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