So i installed windows 11 to see how bad it is on a laptop that I distro hop on and WiFi won't work. I installed drivers rebooted then ran troubleshoot and had to wait 2 minutes and a reboot to reset the network. This is stupid, I can reset my network daemon in less than a minute without a reboot

Late night cup of tea, because I don't want to drink coffee now.

I probably went over board on podcast/recording equipment. I got a amazon basics xlr microphone and a $70 digidesign 002 rack mount FireWire interface off eBay plus midi cables so I can play my Casio keyboard I found on the side of the road that I fixed.

so am daily driving the again and decided to install -cpufreq to save battery life and i think it is working

@DestinationLinux I am about to drink a DLN mug filled with milk and eat some cookie's. Marry Christmas

I am freezing in 3d while taking the trash out, sorry if my phone is in the way

@WendyDLN and any other photographer, i just realized that my new color changing flood lights make me feel like I am wearing 3d movie glasses,

The christmas lights are up the Lazy mans way for Christmas lights. sadly the color of the lights can only be controlled by a ir remote

I found this github project that is a Minecraft server binary written in rust. It looks promising but is in very early stages of development. Thought that if I spread the word the project will get recognition.

Just got a $6 candle warmer to keep my earl gray hot in my basement workspace

@BrodieOnLinux you should make a video on webcord because of your videos on discord clients.

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Has anyone heard or used webcord. I found it looking for a client for the , it's an electron web based client that has some privacy features. i'm wondering if i would get banned. because it is web based and it does not rely on api's from what i see.

My dad bought a new litter box for my moms cat. It's so high tech their is an integration to

i am watching a network chuck video on a raspberry pi vpn router and could not help but take this screenshot

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