@doug I am also Firefox citizen for now :) I am considering Brave. My second, more wild choice would be Beaker beakerbrowser.com/. It is also based on Chromium though. But it supports dat protocol, which makes it completely different beast :D

Hey, do you have any recommendations for high quality modern Python codebase to study? I am thinking about refreshing my rusty Python.

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Hello everybody! My name’s Andrew, and I’m a student currently studying computer science at UC Berkeley. Huge proponent of and online . Feel free to visit my website (andrewkdinh.com) or ask me anything

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What is your favorite site in your RSS reader?

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I am Ana & new here. Not IT actually, but a filmmaker and a language teacher. I am just looking for something alternative to Facebook. www.cookiesandmovies.com

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Day 76 of the Series:

Happy birthday to you!

Belated. Ya, I know. I suck.


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Howdy, my name's Jake and I've been a FOSS user for about a year now (Running GNU/Linux) and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and community so far. I've followed a few prominent FOSS youtubers such as @distrotube and @christitus which has led me here! I hope to learn more and make some like-minded friends through Fosstodon. Best wishes to everyone!

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So, you've joined Fosstodon and are wondering, "now, how does this work?"

One thing that sets Fosstodon apart from traditional social media outlets (and some other instances) is the community's willingness to help and offer valuable feedback. This is especially true with new members.

Please don't hesitate to raise a hand (toot) and ask questions. If you prefer some reading material, @kev has written a great article to help you get started:

Hi all,

It's super exciting to join so vivid community based on and centered around FOSS.


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