Question for you all. Is Mastodon interoperable with Diaspora and GNU Social?

OMG. The legendary LambdaMoo is still online and all you have to do to join is:

telnet 8888

Thanks to @codesections for recommending this excellent podcast on content moderation at Facebook. So many interesting - and troubling - points. 🤔

Is it possible to post a youtube video on Fosstodon and have it playable in the toot?

Hello Fosstodonians, I teach in a digital humanities department in the UK. Won't tell you which though :P I'm a FSF supporting philosophy geek, with a specialism on Norbert Wiener's cybernetics. I also edit a magazine called Radical Philosophy.

Nice to meet you!

An initial thought about Mastodon - it's so responsive and quick! So much more than twitter.

Ok Fosstodon let me ask you a real question.

I'm designing an MA module where students should come out with a broad conceptual basis for analysing and critiquing social media platforms. What general conceptual areas do you think are important for this?

So far I've got...
1. Data ownership
2. Code ownership
3. Structure (central/decentral/matrix)
4. Security, surveillance.
5. Legal jurisdiction.
6. Content moderation
7. Gamification
... these can all be changed!
Thoughts so welcome.

Hello Fosstodon! I'm new and yes I do pay my FSF dues 😘

This is my first Mastodon experience, so, well, err, hi again!


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