Somebody reported me to myself, y’all. How’s your day going? :)

Hint: if you don’t like my comparing Israel to Russia, go tell Israel to stop acting like Russia.

(And find out how the fediverse works before you go making an arse of yourself trying to censor me on my own personal instance.)

#censorship #moderation #fediverse #embarrassing #israel #palestine #russia

(Ironically it’s from “A Mastodon server friendly towards anti-fascists.” I guess I must be the wrong kind of anti-fascist.)


@aral wait wait, so reports are cross-server? If I report something from another instance, it goes to the admin of the other instance, not of my own?

I guess that makes sense; just hadn't thought of it before!

@badrihippo Not sure if it goes to the instance the person is on too (I guess they could ask for my instance to be instance blocked on their server or something). Since I don’t moderate anyone (or want to; that’s why I have an instance of one and why I’m working on the small web – I don’t want to be a mini Mark Zuckerberg, no matter how small) I don’t know the specifics, sorry.

@aral @badrihippo Not sure what the current procedure is, but it goes to the reporter's instance, and the the source of the reported content. I know on PeerTube it *used* to be a matter of you could report it to just your instance, or both. I *prefer* to have it go to both, as it allows for better handling of it. For example, if something is promoting the fascist occupation of a national capital, and it gets removed from the source instance... On PeerTube it's *gone*.

@JigmeDatse @aral oh whoops! Well, I'll keep that in mind if I ever need to report something I guess 😅

@badrihippo @aral I didn't run Mastodon long enough to really get much of an idea of how things really work. It unfortunately wasn't "worth it" as there was a fair amount of, "you can't do that any other way," which felt terrible for us.

@JigmeDatse @aral oh no, that doesn't sound good! In the moderation system you mean, or in general admin stuff too? 😕

@badrihippo @aral I was talking about how there are issues that make it difficult to run, without running certain processes more or less manually, and those processes only have one way to initiate them. At least when I was doing it. I was not getting logs, nor was I able to clean up when things had gone to the, "we have used up way too much space". Things *may* have improved, but I suspect not.


@JigmeDatse @aral ohh so a more generic problem of, perhaps, designing just for a specific use-case/environment and not paying enough attention to the alternatives some people might need?

I see that (on a much smaller scale of course) in my programming work: I usually tend to think more broad-scale and generic but many other pieces of code I've seen are with the attitude of "if it works for us now, it's good enough" 😣

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