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Hello everyone!

I use Xubuntu and try to go the way as much as possible :duckduckgo: :gimp: :firefox: :xubuntu: :fdroid: :nextcloud:

I've been using Diaspora and the Friendica for a while—now decided to give Mastodon a go!

Also trying to get my friends to join the (though that's a slow process 😕).

lets you control your phone from !

I haven't used it myself but it sounds interesting 🖥️↔️📱

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Is there an existing, simple to deploy system to collect multiple remote systems (think along the lines of a bunch of Raspberry Pis) at many separate locations into a single subnet on a VPN, or do I have to roll my own with an OpenVPN server and a lot of bridging?

You don't get large houses these days 😕

I remember when I was younger we'd get lots of large houses. Doors would be twice my height. Shelves were big enough to crawl into. Beds would be large and soft and enormous enough to roll around on. 💭

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If you hold a Unix shell up to your ear, can you hear the C?

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My friend Gabi Ivens likes to make the point that this is not even about "trustlessness" but rather about moving your trust from humans into a technology stack. "Trustlessness" is a marketing term; "trust the software" would be a more honest term to use.

I sometimes say it's about "trusting the math" but actually that gives it too much credit because it's really about "trusting the math that has been implemented by humans in software" -- aka technology.

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So im looking to write up a short guide for people wanting to live a more solarpunk life whilst living in city apartments (so very limited access to garden/green spaces)

I'd really appreciate ideas or things people have already done.

And I'm trying to avoid "buy an x" recommendations

#solarpunk #askMastadon #ecopunk

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@gcupc I once rooted a Nook and got Angry Birds running on it. Looked weird on an e-ink screen, but it was playable!

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an appeal to the fediverse regarding anti-abuse 

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If you’re not in my particular niche communities, you might not know about the community that exists around old ThinkPad laptops. But I’m going to tell you about it, because I think it’s awesome!

ThinkPad laptops from years ago are enduringly popular, because they have great support from free software, and they’re extremely repairable.

Not only are new or used parts extremely easy to come by, people are even designing new parts for these old machines, so you can upgrade rather than replace!

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Your password must contain:

At least one upper class character
At least one lower class character
At least one symbolic character
At least one character being punished by the gods
At least one character with a dark secret
At least one character who pilots a giant robot
At least one character torn by unrequited desire and self-reproach
At least one character from the Supplemental Outer Ideographic Plane
At least one space station
At least one instance of the string 'password'
At least one number

Wouldn't it be great to have an -enabled edition of ? 🤔

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Good morning(ish) :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you something fun ✨

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🎉 Ok, it's here! 🎉

The new fairtrade smartphone Fairphone 3 is now available to pre-order, with delivery in mid-September:

You can follow Fairphone on here:


It's made to be as ethical as possible:

💰 Fair wages all down the supply chain

♻️ Recycled material where possible

🕊️ Avoids conflict materials

🔧 Modular design for easy user repairs

It's €450 including tax and 2 year guarantee, available in Europe (incl UK).

#Fairphone #Fairphone3 #Smartphones

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I would like to test following someone on Pixelfed from my Mastodon account. Who should I follow? #federation

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What's everyone's take on ? I used to use It but slowed moved away from It to use Syncthing

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