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Hello everyone!

I use Xubuntu and try to go the way as much as possible :duckduckgo: :gimp: :firefox: :xubuntu: :fdroid: :nextcloud:

I've been using Diaspora and the Friendica for a while—now decided to give Mastodon a go!

Also trying to get my friends to join the (though that's a slow process 😕).

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🤖 Mars has a visitor: #Perservance

after a 472 million kilometer journey, #Nasa 's robotic vehicle landed safely and as scheduled on #Mars.

But did you know that the underlying program #code is based on a multi-platform compatible #opensource #framework called F' (F Prime)?

#science #opensource #robot
#programming #c++

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RT @sanitarypanels
Interesting to see the Amul girl's facial expressions complaining about fuel prices in 2013 vs in 2021.

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Can we please stop using Discord for Free software and open source projects, thanks!

Just trying out for our team collaboration!

One thing annoying is the it possible to change the theme? (I'm talking about the system emoji, not custom ones. Like could we use Noto or something?)

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@moparisthebest @0

So #Quicksy #iOS support is already planned. #xmpp

"We already had a conference with the Quicksy developer about this and are
aiming for a rebranded version, but this will be something based on Monal 5.1
or even 5.2 (e.g. 2 or 3 releases in the future)."

As I said earlier, it is only a matter of time someone feeling strongly about iOS support creates an app for Quicksy and sustainable solutions requires us to think beyond what is available today.

: Does anyone here have experience registering a legal entity in ? 🇮🇳 💼

Five of us run a magazine (both online and print) with both local and foreign subscribers. When I say "subscribers" it's quite small (yet to reach the 10s!) so we're thinking of starting as a simple and moving up from there 🌱

Any ideas/tips, or info on how the process works? 🤔

I just learnt about or pencil-board: a smooth surface to put under your paper for better drawing/writing.

Anyone here use them? How hard/soft are they? If I understand right, they seem to be just what I need for my ballpen/colour-pencil . Till now, I've been using multiple old sheets of paper stacked up, which is effective but a little messy and not too portable. Really excited to see there's actually a word for what I'm looking for 😁

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I am just saying we could chip in and get a billboard outside some random city and have it say "join the fediverse, the world's most chaotic exchange of concepts and headpats" and a link and just see what happens.

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I never realised how big blue whales are until I saw them compared to sauropods. WTF, these animals are just swimming around in our oceans today???

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No notebook is too fancy for you! Scribble all over them! Enjoy the feel of your pen on fancy paper!

Your thoughts do not have to be grand or ordered or even coherent to deserve being written down somewhere that gives you pleasure.


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So I'm looking for a #DNS that supports advanced stuff like TXT and SRV records. 

I should add that free is preferred (at least for now) although I won't mind paying a bit later for, say 10+ subdomains and 20+ records or something.

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So I'm looking for a #DNS that supports advanced stuff like TXT and SRV records. 

I could go with , which I've been using till now, but just thought I'd ask the if there are more interesting options around?

(My domain is hosted on , whose in-house DNS supports TXT but not SRV) 🖇️☁️

Just discovered the programme where reseachers describe their work using music and dance!

There's a sampling to get started; search for "Dance your PhD" to find more 📹💃

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Every month, when I support one person with because I haven't talked them into signing up with and they'll only take or paypal, it's a good feeling to know I'm supporting them when I get notified every month by paypal. I wish Liberapay did the same thing. Maybe they do and I just have to change a setup. Anyway, support someone who's work you use. It's a good feeling to know you showed them some love.

Poco - It's A Good Feeling to Know(1972)

@Liberapay are there ways/plans to set specific donation amounts in ?

Let's say, I have a button on my website saying "Donate $5". Is there a way to show up a Liberapay page with that amount ($5) already filled in?

Taking this further, it would be nice to have -stye "donate X [cups of coffee/cookies/insert anything here]" options. The current "make a donation" page is TBH a bit bewildering, and it would be nice to have something simpler ☕

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Survey about Neurodiversity and Online Communities :BoostOkay: 

I am an #ActuallyAutistic student researching #neurodiversity , disabled self-advocacy and online communities. If you are neurodivergent and want to talk about your experiences in online communities, consider filling out this survey!

(And yes, that link is supposed to say 2021, not 2020. Both work, though, because we set up a redirect when we realised the mistake 😜)

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