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Hello everyone!

I use Xubuntu and try to go the way as much as possible :duckduckgo: :gimp: :firefox: :xubuntu: :fdroid: :nextcloud:

I've been using Diaspora and the Friendica for a while—now decided to give Mastodon a go!

Also trying to get my friends to join the (though that's a slow process 😕).

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to people who support indie/small creators on patreon 

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Well this is legally interesting. These folks just generated every 12 (or less) note single octave melody that could ever exist and recorded it to a physical medium, meeting the legal requirements to have copyrighted a song.

Basically, they just copyrighted literally every copyrightable melody... And released it to the public domain.

We need money for hosting our powered site, and to compensate authors. We're also developing some tools to automate the publishing process, which will hopefully be useful for others too 🔧 :terminal:

Here's our profile, though only PayPal may work right now (Stripe India is only in beta) 💸 🔗

If you have other suggestions or want to know more, feel free to talk!

💬 :mastodon: :thunderbird: 🙂 🐶

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Okay, I have to do this sometime, so here goes.

My online , @snipette, is looking for . We publish weekly nonfiction from writers round the world, and also help new writers get started by guiding them through the process.

Check out our website for more: 🔗

If you like what you see, please donate if you can and boost if you can't! Thank you 🐶 🧡

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Smaller than a fingernail, and available in a kaleidoscope of colours
A new product? No—it's a #SweatBee! 🌈🐝 by @lilawestreich
#Bees #Pollinators #Nature
Sweat Bees
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Hello! I'm looking for feedback on my #patreon and what people would like to see from it.

Open to anyone who thinks they might be tempted to support it. :blobowo:

What Next? Periodic Patreon Check-In:

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Hey! Bookmarks are a thing now! Now, instead of having to sift through favorites to find a "favorite"'d post, I can bookmark them.

Thanks @Gargron !

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Did you know that an epidemic caused by a bug could help researchers model real-world epidemics like ? 🎮 🔬

Latest article in my magazine; even I didn't know about this till I read the submission! 😜

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Who owns the products that you buy? If the answer is you, shouldn’t you be able to repair what you rightfully own? We have a historic opportunity to get smartphones regulated by the EU so they can become more easily repairable, and last longer ✍️ ⤵️

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2 people are currently working on an #opensource federated #reddit alternative, called #lemmy.
They need some open source #developers to help them enable the federating function.. #activitypub

BOOST to help development...

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I just want you to know that coconut oil is bad for you because the people who bribe me can't profit from it.
-- American Heart Association

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Here's how a 19-year-old accidentally invented fizzy drinks. In the 17th century.

His hashtaggable comment? "I'm #DrinkingTheStars!" ✨🥂 #Bubbles #Beverages #FizzyDrinks #HistoryOfFood
Bubbly Beverages
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This is so cool: An RFID checklist – it's a self-built tool to tell you which things are in your backpack/luggage, and compare them against your travel checklist. Brilliant writeup, too!

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#ShowerThoughts could aspiring server admins be trained by getting them to run demo servers, for #FreeCode projects that develop server-side software?

Why is the 🎉 emoji called "tada"? It should be called "yay!"

We should have a player that starts playing when you're inactive and automatically pauses when you touch the mouse or keyboard. 🎧 ▶️

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With #Mitsubushi joining the list of companies accused of #DieselFraud, here's a look back at how the whole thing started!… #DefeatDevice
The Defeat Device
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Radio (FM and SW) is the only thing that will work if the internet goes down completely. I do not beleive any city or county has enough trucks with loudspeakers.
Many, especially European countries are stupidly planning to shut down the good old analogue radio. Oppose them whenever you can!

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