So, new to this. Let's try it out. So far looks a lot like Twitter. Yay, first toot done. I guess.

@badidol Looks like TW on the surface, I would say... 😜. Welcome!

@marcelcosta Thank you :) Well, that was more of "first impression" kind of thing, will see once I've managed to dive deeper into it and see what's what :)

@badidol Yeah! What I meant is that the interface may look similar, but the community, the algorithms (non existant), the philosophy behind and the profile of people managing each instances do not.

@marcelcosta Ah, yeah, I was solely referring to the user interface so far. Will see about the community(ies) :)

@badidol I'm also new and didn't know how to work around 😀

@moneybirdy So far it looks fairly self explanatory to me, let's see ;)

@moneybirdy Not really, just experienced in getting to know user interfaces and tools ;)

@badidol All right, I was just observing how members behave in this platform. 😀

@badidol Welcome & willkommen in the . Great that you joined 😀. Enjoy the friendly community.

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