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If you've updated, your station won't start and you need to get back up and running quickly, you can temporarily remove any custom code you've added via the "Edit Liquidsoap Configuration" page, restart broadcasting, then add the custom code back in later once it's been migrated.

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We've started rolling out @LiquidsoapMedia version 2.0 to our Rolling Release channel users. If you have custom Liquidsoap code, you may find it needs minor changes to be compatible with the new version. See the Liquidsoap migration guide for more info:

We believe it brings lots of value to the radio ecosystem, as evidenced by the thousands of stations using it. Sustainability, for us, is the tough task of keeping our core principles fully intact while still building a project that keeps a roof over our heads.

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When we talk about sustainability, we don't mean that we're driven by a profit motive or going commercial. We aren't!

What we mean is that just because AzuraCast is free and open-source doesn't mean that it (or the time and energy poured into it) has no value.

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Through your support, you can help ensure that this project is one that provides its maintainers basic needs like shelter and food.

With enough of you helping out, the project can continue long into the future, adding new features and remaining at the forefront of web radio.

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AzuraCast has no plans of stopping development in the near future. We're still coding even today!

We've talked openly about difficulty sustaining our project, but if this concerns you, now is a great time to show your support and help us carry on:

This year, we aren't participating in Hacktoberfest events, but we are continuing to work on AzuraCast every day as we progress on our roadmap to version 1.0! You can support us in more ways than ever via GitHub Sponsors, LiberaPay and more:

We are very proud to be joining the @phpfig as a member project!

PHP is our project's dominant language. In pursuit of building a modern, world-class web application, we strongly adhere to many of the PSRs published by the group, and are proud to support it as a member project.

If you're not comfortable with the Linux terminal and/or would like an expert's assistance with installation or upgrades, we're now evaluating providing paid professional services via:


Thoughts and feedback are welcome.

We've just tagged version 0.14.0 on our Stable release channel. It includes custom background/favicon/art uploading, playlist cloning/looping, mount point intro files and much more. See the full changelog here:

New in Rolling Release: Upload an introduction file for each mount point of your station directly from the web interface! This intro file will be played to listeners before the main stream starts, and should match the bitrate and format of the stream itself.

New in Rolling Release: We now support directly uploading custom public page background images, system-wide album art and your own browser icon (or "favicon"), which we automatically scale to all the sizes typically used for icons.

For those of you who aren't Discord users, you can also join us on @liberachat's IRC network where we've set up the community. Ask questions, get support, share your station and more. Get connections details at

This week, our lead developer @SlvrEagle23 was the guest of one of the foremost open-source podcasts, @FLOSSWeekly, where he talked about AzuraCast, the web radio scene today and the open-source world in general. Check it out!

Wow! The FundOSS pilot round ended today, and thanks to your support we were able to raise $2,331 USD (before fees)!

We can't thank you all enough. This makes a big difference for us.

If you want, you can donate to AzuraCast once or ongoing in many ways:

Just 15 hours left to donate to support AzuraCast in this round of FundOSS!

As a reminder, the FundOSS model multiplies donations of any size, especially smaller ones. Your support makes a huge difference. Please donate today if you can!

AzuraCast 0.13.0 is now deploying to our Stable branch users. It includes the beta Podcast management, automatic browser theme selection, PWA installable-app support for public player pages, and many important bug fixes and performance improvements:

Amazing! In just the first two days of our FundOSS listing, you've helped us raise over $1,000 in donations and estimated matching funds. We're so grateful for your support.

There's still time to support our project if you haven't yet:

AzuraCast's page on FundOSS is live! FundOSS is a new project to help sustain open-source software. EVERY donation of ANY amount counts, and your donation is used to help promote our project to receive matching funds. Learn more and donate today:

There are other versions of Ubuntu that are released more frequently, ending in either .04 or .10 for April or October releases respectively, but these aren't part of their long-term-support offering. We only support LTS branches, as stations often stay online for many years.

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