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Wow! The FundOSS pilot round ended today, and thanks to your support we were able to raise $2,331 USD (before fees)!

We can't thank you all enough. This makes a big difference for us.

If you want, you can donate to AzuraCast once or ongoing in many ways:

Just 15 hours left to donate to support AzuraCast in this round of FundOSS!

As a reminder, the FundOSS model multiplies donations of any size, especially smaller ones. Your support makes a huge difference. Please donate today if you can!

AzuraCast 0.13.0 is now deploying to our Stable branch users. It includes the beta Podcast management, automatic browser theme selection, PWA installable-app support for public player pages, and many important bug fixes and performance improvements:

Amazing! In just the first two days of our FundOSS listing, you've helped us raise over $1,000 in donations and estimated matching funds. We're so grateful for your support.

There's still time to support our project if you haven't yet:

AzuraCast's page on FundOSS is live! FundOSS is a new project to help sustain open-source software. EVERY donation of ANY amount counts, and your donation is used to help promote our project to receive matching funds. Learn more and donate today:

There are other versions of Ubuntu that are released more frequently, ending in either .04 or .10 for April or October releases respectively, but these aren't part of their long-term-support offering. We only support LTS branches, as stations often stay online for many years.

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If you're not sure what version of Ubuntu you're on, you can run "lsb_release -a" in an SSH terminal to view version details.

16.04 was released in April 2016, 18.04 in April 2018, and 20.04 in April 2020. AzuraCast supports 20.04 fully, so upgrading to that version is ideal.

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As we mentioned earlier this year, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS has reached "end of life" status and is no longer receiving updates. If you're still running an older station powered by 16.04, you must upgrade to 18.04 or, preferably, 20.04 as soon as possible.

AzuraCast is now available as an installable app on the new Vultr Marketplace. Vultr is a high-performance cloud hosting provider. Learn more and deploy your new server today from this link:

Now in the Rolling Release channel, we're pleased to introduce a much-requested feature: Podcast management! Create podcasts and episodes, and AzuraCast will automatically generate public pages and all the necessary RSS feeds for consumption on most major feed services.

Hey AzuraCast supporters! On June 10, we're participating in a new project called that's offering $75k in matching funds to supported projects, in collaboration with @opencollect. Sign up now to get notified when the fundraising round begins:

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will be supported until 2025 and has been fully supported for both Docker and Ansible installations for quite some time now. Our one-click installers on Linode and DigitalOcean also use Ubuntu 20.04 as their base operating system.

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Note for older station owners: Ubuntu 16.04 "Xenial Xerus" has reached the end of its support window, which will impact package availability and updates for it. If you are still on 16.04, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade ASAP to 18.04 or, preferably, 20.04 "Focal Fossa".

AzuraCast 0.12.4 is out on our Stable release channel. This release is fully devoted to bug fixes, technical improvements, and across-the-system performance gains, especially for larger stations. See the full changelog here:

AzuraCast is still beta software, and is still maintained by a very small team of people.

We will do our best to resolve any issues that appear with stable updates, but your patience and understanding are fundamental to our ability to continue to give away our hard work.

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Note: For our release channels, "stable" means it's been operating on several stations with no reported issues. This is no guarantee it will work perfectly on *every* station that updates.

Always routinely back up your installations, especially your production stations.

Also, a technical change: we're now also tagging all of our Docker images with their stable release version, so you can now specifically set `0.12.3` as your version in `.env` (instead of "stable" or "latest") to lock your install to that release version for all images.

AzuraCast stable channel version 0.12.3 is out today, with significant optimizations for larger stations, new features and bug fixes, and support for the embedded Twitter player, which critics are calling "actually very pog". Update today!

Full changelog:

Not many folks know about AzuraRelay; it's a great complement to an AzuraCast installation, letting you easily relay your live streams and report statistics back to the main installation. We've made some updates to it lately, so testers are welcome!

AzuraCast 0.12.2 Stable is now available for updating. This release focuses heavily on bug fixes, but also introduces new "Station online/offline" webhook triggers, Forgot Password functionality, and better logging and debugging. See the changelog here:

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