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Note that if you're upgrading from stable version 0.10.4 or older and you have a larger music library, this migration may take quite a long time as it involves several major database structure changes. Please be patient as your installation updates.

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AzuraCast's stable channel is now on version 0.11, featuring Hacktoberfest contributions like:
- Storage Locations with S3 Support
- Unique listener stats
- Removing InfluxDB and
- Lots of bug fixes and quality improvements.

See the full changelog at

We're planning to retire our Slack community in favor of our much more popular Discord server, which also offers us more granular moderation tools and the ability to test radio stations via the voice chat functionality. Join us there today at !

If you're curious where the music on our demo installation ( comes from, it's from our friends over at @Wolf_Beats Media, a label with a highly permissive music license that promotes sharing and remixing. Learn more about them at

Under the hood, all media is now associated with a storage location, so if more than one station shares the same storage location, the media will only need to be processed once, significantly improving performance for installations with shared libraries.

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Our latest rolling release update introduces Storage Locations, meaning you can now store station media, broadcast recordings and backups either locally or on an S3-compatible remote storage location (like Amazon S3, Wasabi, or DigitalOcean Spaces).

We've switched from just using GitHub releases to track changes to keeping a rolling changelog file, so you can also see what's in the latest rolling release version before it is published as a stable version.

We got a lot done in October! Check it out:

If you're interested in working with us to complete one of our goals, or you just have questions in general about our software, you're always welcome to join us in our Discord community:

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We had planned on an "office hours" event this afternoon in support of our participation, but our event application at MLH (the only approved venue for Hacktoberfest events) was never approved, so regretfully we have no official event to promote at this point.

I am verifying my ownership of AzuraCast on Gitcoin Grants at 🥂⚡🎆🎁🎈🎁

As a reminder, we're participating in this year and we've already made some awesome improvements this month thanks to our community. We'll have more on that, including a planned meetup time, in the next few days!

We've posted an update on our relicensing discussion from before and a clarification about third-party hosts/"resellers". If you're interested in either subject, check it out here:

In response to concerns about spam appearing in popular repositories, Hacktoberfest has switched to an opt-in mechanism for projects:

AzuraCast's main repository has updated its topics and any accepted PRs will count toward Hacktoberfest goals!

Your submission doesn't have to be related to the issues we mention, but they're meant to give you an idea of the scope and scale of what we're looking for.

We'll be hosting a Q&A event later in the month as well; look forward to more details on that shortly.

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October is upon us, and that means @hacktoberfest is getting started!

We have some really cool ideas for improvements we can make this month, and we need your help!

Here are some enhancements we tagged as being great Hacktoberfest projects:

We here at the AzuraCast web radio suite want to say "Thank You" again to @digitalocean, whose support of open-source makes all of our update, demo and testing services possible.

Create your own AzuraCast-powered DigitalOcean droplet with one click:

This year, AzuraCast is participating in @hacktoberfest, a month-long celebration of open-source collaboration and community.

Help us brainstorm for projects that would be well-suited for Hacktoberfest here:

We've received many requests for a new way for our station operators to communicate with each other that falls between the purely-technical GitHub Issues and the live discussion format of our Discord and Slack, so we've made a new Subreddit!

This week, AzuraCast hit 1000 STARS on GitHub!!

Thank you so much to all of our supporters. We continue to work hard every day to improve AzuraCast for our users and to provide a powerful open-source option for web radio management.

AzuraCast is planning to relicense future releases. By default, the software would be licensed under the GNU Affero GPL (AGPL) 3.0, with a commercial option for users who don't want to make their modifications open-source.

Learn more and discuss here:

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