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October is upon us, and that means @hacktoberfest is getting started!

We have some really cool ideas for improvements we can make this month, and we need your help!

Here are some enhancements we tagged as being great Hacktoberfest projects:

We here at the AzuraCast web radio suite want to say "Thank You" again to @digitalocean, whose support of open-source makes all of our update, demo and testing services possible.

Create your own AzuraCast-powered DigitalOcean droplet with one click:

This year, AzuraCast is participating in @hacktoberfest, a month-long celebration of open-source collaboration and community.

Help us brainstorm for projects that would be well-suited for Hacktoberfest here:

We've received many requests for a new way for our station operators to communicate with each other that falls between the purely-technical GitHub Issues and the live discussion format of our Discord and Slack, so we've made a new Subreddit!

This week, AzuraCast hit 1000 STARS on GitHub!!

Thank you so much to all of our supporters. We continue to work hard every day to improve AzuraCast for our users and to provide a powerful open-source option for web radio management.

AzuraCast is planning to relicense future releases. By default, the software would be licensed under the GNU Affero GPL (AGPL) 3.0, with a commercial option for users who don't want to make their modifications open-source.

Learn more and discuss here:

We are disappointed to no longer be working with @GitKraken to manage our project's Git repos. We were informed today that our previous agreement, which required that we promote their software for a Pro license key, had expired with zero days' notice, severely affecting our work.

AzuraCast is committed to the principles of Ethical Open Source. We serve the greater good, eagerly accept community contributions, and put accessibility and privacy as first-class priorities.

Learn more about Ethical Open Source principles here:

AzuraCast Appreciates Broadcasters of every race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

We stand in solidarity with those who are victimized by systems of oppression. May our software provide you a platform to speak out against injustice.

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Open-source software is about equality, about lowering the barriers to opportunity and building a better future with everyone's help. Thus, we're compelled to speak whenever inequality and injustice exist.

This is why we strongly support both and Pride month.

Our goal with this change is to reduce the number of new users who stumble upon these features and modify them without being aware of the implications, creating a higher load on our support infrastructure than we can handle.

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Currently, the hidden advanced features include:
- Custom station port assignments and custom media base directories,
- Advanced playlist settings that disable the AzuraCast AutoDJ, and
- Custom Icecast and Liquidsoap configuration.

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New AzuraCast installations will have some of the more dangerous "power user" options hidden by default. Out of the box, AzuraCast will "just work". Options can easily be re-enabled by users wanting to take advantage of them by editing azuracast.env and changing a single flag.

Another minor quality-of-life update: while we still recommend running "./ update-self" before the main update, if you forget to do this, the Docker Utility Script will now check for updates for itself when running updates, and prompt you to update if you're out of date.

Another technical change we recently rolled out: we now have "stable" tagged versions of each of our Docker images, so when you are set to "prefer release builds" it uses stable versions of *every* image, not just the web site code, ensuring greater stability and consistency.

If you were previously running AzuraCast on a non-primary web port to run a reverse proxy in front of it (or using our multi-site tool), you can instead use our built-in one which will let you take advantage of LetsEncrypt (which requires the server be listening on ports 80/443).

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To clear up some confusion with the latest AzuraCast Docker changes, we now include a built-in reverse proxy (based on jwilder's nginx-proxy) that lets you host multiple sites on multiple domains (with AzuraCast being one of them) all through one IP listening on port 80/443.

Quick note: if you're encountering an HTTP 500 error on HTTPS pages after the latest update, you just need to reapply your LetsEncrypt settings in our new infrastructure. This is a very simple one-time process, and the instructions are here:

If you encounter an HTTP 500 error after updating your installation when you try to access your site using HTTPS, please run the LetsEncrypt setup again (even if you had previously done so) to ensure it takes effect in the new environment.

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