New today in the Rolling Release: Stereo Tool support! Upload the Stereo Tool binary from the Admin panel, then set "Audio Processing" on any station to use Stereo Tool, where you can then upload your own custom .sts configuration file.

New today in the Rolling Release: Bulk Media CSV Import/Export!

Download info on all of your media (including playlists, cue points, custom fields and more), make changes in your favorite spreadsheet program, then reupload to update all your media at once. A real time-saver!

If you're wondering where the "Loop Once" setting went, it's moved to the individual schedule items, so you can set whether the playlist loops on a per-schedule-item basis.

We have removed all warnings about these playlist settings, as they no longer apply.

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This is BIG: new in Rolling Release, the AzuraCast AutoDJ can handle ALL of the advanced Playlist settings (interrupt other tracks, only play once per scheduled time, merge to play as one file) without any caveats. Fans of things starting at exact times, rejoice!

Just getting started with Mastodon? We're on there! You can follow us via our account at FOSStodon, an instance devoted to discussion of free and open-source software:

AzuraCast 0.16.0 is now available on the stable branch!

This release includes:
- A unified Docker container,
- Liquidsoap 2.0.4,
- New media format support (stm/s3m/mod/xm/aiff/wma/wmf/asf)
- SFTP storage locations, and
- Many bug fixes!


Station operators, we need your feedback! Recent changes have allowed us to support new audio formats (almost any format that FFmpeg can play). We need feedback on the specific formats that we should add support for in our web UI. Comments welcome here:

A very minor, very silly PSA: if you use AzuraCast on your local computer, you may find it's impossible to open games using the 2K Launcher (Civilization 6, XCOM 2); this is because the launcher tries to open a local server on port 8095. Just temporarily turn off AzuraCast. 😀

We have a big overhaul of our collected listener statistics we'd like to work on, and we're hoping to gauge the community's interest in helping fund it through a new Feature Bounty powered by . Read more about the project here:

We are currently testing an update to AzuraCast that will reduce the number of Docker containers we ONE! This will allow far more usage scenarios, including deployment from existing Docker-based app services, while preserving the same experience we offer today.

Another project we depend on as part of our infrastructure, @phpunit, has updated their software library to show solidarity with .

The @codeception testing framework is directing users to donate here:

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We will continue to update this thread with more resources to support our peers affected by the war in Ukraine.

Radio has long played a key part in the struggle for freedom and peace, and we hope your stations are broadcasting those values far and wide across the planet.

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Software is created by, and for, human beings, and right now an immense amount of human suffering is taking place in Ukraine.

Some of our upstream projects are built by developers who are directly affected. Help them if you can!

We would like to again thank our friends at @digitalocean for their support of open-source software like ours, including providing hosting for our infrastructure. They're also one of the easiest ways to use AzuraCast, via their one-click Marketplace:

AzuraCast 0.15.1 is now available as a stable release. It includes zero-downtime station reloads for Icecast users, user-agent blocking, a simplified Docker setup and numerous bugfixes, including Liquidsoap version 2.0.3. See the full changelog here:

We've put together a Press Kit with vector and raster versions of our logo with and without text, our mascot backgrounds, and promotional audio clips you can use in your station. Download it here:

New as of the latest rolling release: if you use the standard settings (Liquidsoap as an AutoDJ, Icecast as broadcasting software), restarting broadcasting on a single station *will not disconnect any active listeners*. It's a small change, but one that we hope has a big impact!

This weekend, we had a great opportunity to present at @LiquidsoapMedia's annual LiquidShop event, where we talk about how we use Liquidsoap and our role in open-source, and our presentation is now available in video form here:

AzuraCast 0.15.0 is now available on the Stable release channel! This version includes Liquidsoap 2.0, Docker ARM64 support, and dozens of technical improvements and bug fixes.

View the full changelog here:

We have updated our installation guide to include our new support for Docker on ARM64-based computers, as well as a new guide on how to install AzuraCast onto Windows via WSL2:

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