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We've got a new feature for you, and it's BIG:
- A new, zero-downtime backup format that's supported on both Docker and Ansible,
- Exclude media files for smaller backup files,
- On-demand backups directly from the web UI's new "Backups" page, and
- Automatic nightly backups!

Our existing charts library, Highcharts, doesn't carry a license that's truly "free and open", so we're beginning the process of replacing it with charts.js, a fully FOSS option. In the process, we're also adding full textual chart readouts into the HTML for accessibility.

Time zones have been overhauled! Now each *station* has its own time zone, and the AutoDJ is scheduled around the station's local time. This fixes a whole class of time conversion issues. We've also made the time selectors HTML5 time fields, so you can input specific minutes.

We've made some important visual improvements to our UI, making headings more distinct, forms more intuitive and better arranged, and buttons a little bigger and easier to click or tap. Try it out and let us know what you think!

AzuraCast is a free and open-source self-hosted web radio station in a box! Our helpful installer tools and powerful web interface let you manage every aspect of your station directly from your browser. Learn more at or our GitHub

New feature: You can now set display names for your mount points and remote relays and select which ones are visible on your public page. If you have more than one visible, listeners can switch on-the-fly between streams from the public page by clicking the new dropdown.

Minor layout changes in today's update: the secondary color on light themes has been changed from orange to gray (the orange was...a bit much) and the public player/embed pages have had their player controls updated to look more like a standard web radio player.

New options from Liquidsoap that are now editable directly in AzuraCast:
- Support for "Smart" crossfading that considers the volumes of the two tracks to determine the best fade method,
- Support for compression and normalization (the "nrj" function)
- Replaygain metadata

Is your station sending too many tweets? Is Twitter telling you to "enhance your calm"? Now you can set a custom rate limit for the Twitter web hook, so it will only send one message in the time range you specify.

New feature: we now support 2-factor authentication for all user accounts. 2FA improves your account security by requiring a one-time code that's generated by an app on your smartphone (FreeOTP, Authy, etc.) or any other TOTP-compatible program. Enable from your account profile.

Playlist management from the Media Files page has been greatly simplified. The "clear playlists" and "add to playlist" buttons have been replaced by a new "Set Playlists" one that lets you choose existing playlists (or none to clear playlists) or create a new one.

We've reached another milestone: 400 stars on GitHub! Thank you to everyone who supports our project. We hope we've been able to, and continue to, make a positive impact in the world of web radio.

The latest update adds both direct links to our new "Help" page and a quick theme switcher to our top-right dropdown menu. This will let you much more easily switch between our dark and light themes.

And yes, in case you didn't know before, we do have a dark theme!

Our brand new Web DJ has been rebuilt from the ground up in Vue.js, and now includes seeking, volume readout, channel mixing, and automatic metadata updates when songs are cued.

Even more broadcasting power right from your browser, no streaming software required!

New feature, ready for testing: AzuraCast "Web DJ", an exciting new tool that lets you broadcast live to your radio station directly from your browser. No software required.

Now every AzuraCast installation will have even more of the tools needed for streaming out of the box!

We've hit another major milestone: 300 stars on GitHub!

Thanks to everyone who has supported this project. We're humbled by the encouragement we've seen from station owners, listeners, translators, developers, and more.

Minor but probably popular update: the volume selectors across AzuraCast's web interface have been updated to be "range"-type sliders, with the volume icons now representing 0% and 100% volume at the left and right, respectively. This should be much more intuitive!

New in AzuraCast: Administrators and users with the new "view station logs" permission can now use the interactive web log viewer, which will auto-tail files as they update and let you view the auto-generated configuration built by AzuraCast. It also includes quick help links!

To clarify, this is the Profile page, the one with the "On the Air" live-updating section and playable links to each stream. The information on this page is much more critical to station operation, so it's now the first thing you see when managing one.

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SHOUTcast update: Due to the speed of SC's planned retirement of the existing DNAS (within 1 month), we have already started removing it from new AzuraCast installations. Existing installations will keep SHOUTcast 2.5.5.

A new "install SHOUTcast" page has also been created.

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