New in Rolling Release: We now support directly uploading custom public page background images, system-wide album art and your own browser icon (or "favicon"), which we automatically scale to all the sizes typically used for icons.

Wow! The FundOSS pilot round ended today, and thanks to your support we were able to raise $2,331 USD (before fees)!

We can't thank you all enough. This makes a big difference for us.

If you want, you can donate to AzuraCast once or ongoing in many ways:

Amazing! In just the first two days of our FundOSS listing, you've helped us raise over $1,000 in donations and estimated matching funds. We're so grateful for your support.

There's still time to support our project if you haven't yet:

Now in the Rolling Release channel, we're pleased to introduce a much-requested feature: Podcast management! Create podcasts and episodes, and AzuraCast will automatically generate public pages and all the necessary RSS feeds for consumption on most major feed services.

AzuraCast stable channel version 0.12.3 is out today, with significant optimizations for larger stations, new features and bug fixes, and support for the embedded Twitter player, which critics are calling "actually very pog". Update today!

Full changelog:

This week, AzuraCast hit 1000 STARS on GitHub!!

Thank you so much to all of our supporters. We continue to work hard every day to improve AzuraCast for our users and to provide a powerful open-source option for web radio management.

New feature: stream on-demand media! If your station has podcasts or other content you want to both use in your radio station and make publicly available, enable on-demand streaming for the station and the appropriate playlists and you'll get a public-facing player like this!

AzuraCast is the free and open-source software suite that makes web radio simple!

Learn more and get started today at Contribute at

Join us in our Discord ( or Slack ( groups, too!

New feature: When previewing tracks that have a set duration (i.e. via the Music Files page), you can now see the track's duration and seek through it using the built-in player in the header menu.

We've added the ability to manage "banned" listener IPs from the web interface. IPs can be supplied one-by-one or in CIDR-notated groups. This feature works the same on both Icecast and SHOUTcast. Banned IPs can be managed via the station profile, under the "Broadcasting" tab.

We have a new feature for power users: a new rich editor for Liquidsoap configuration, which shows our auto-generated configuration alongside your user-supplied custom code. We've also added many more locations where you can add custom code into the auto-generated configuration.

AzuraCast has three new exciting features in testing.

With the latest version, you can:
- Set scheduled times for Streamers/DJs,
- Only allow streamers to connect during their scheduled time slots, and
- View all scheduled playlists/streamers on the station's profile page.

Another much-requested feature: you can now add FOLDERS to playlists, and their contents will automatically be assigned into that playlist. Even new files uploaded via SFTP will be added to that playlist automatically.

You can now test one of our most requested features: tracking historical streamer/DJ broadcasts and automatically recording them!

Enable the feature on your station, restart it, and you'll start to see downloadable recordings in a new "Broadcasts" section in the Streamers page.

The inline radio player has moved from a dropdown menu to inline controls in the header navigation.

It's not a major change, but we wanted to make sure it didn't surprise anyone (particularly those with screen readers).

We've got a BIG new feature to show you: we've revamped playlist scheduling!

- ANY playlist type (standard, per-x-songs, etc) can be scheduled!
- Playlists can have more than one scheduled time!
- You can provide a start and end *date* for schedules!

Plus a new manager page!

Today, fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic say goodbye to the show. We don't talk about it much, but that's where we come from! AzuraCast is named for Azura, the mascot of our predecessor project (Ponyville Live). We carry the spirit on in the form of our own unicorn.

When we said "soon" in the previous tweet, we actually meant "3 hours later".

The new media manager's inline file editor now has a complimentary new album art page, showing you the current album art and letting you swap it out (or clear it entirely).

Once we got started moving the Media Manager components over to Vue, we just couldn't help ourselves.

New in the Media Manager: inline renaming and editing of media tracks. A new album artwork manager is coming soon!

We're rewriting our media manager to be a single unified Vue component. It won't look very different for now, but it lets us expand and customize it much more easily. We've already put some goodies in the new version, including saving your "per page" setting across page loads.

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