AzuraCast has no plans of stopping development in the near future. We're still coding even today!

We've talked openly about difficulty sustaining our project, but if this concerns you, now is a great time to show your support and help us carry on:


Through your support, you can help ensure that this project is one that provides its maintainers basic needs like shelter and food.

With enough of you helping out, the project can continue long into the future, adding new features and remaining at the forefront of web radio.

When we talk about sustainability, we don't mean that we're driven by a profit motive or going commercial. We aren't!

What we mean is that just because AzuraCast is free and open-source doesn't mean that it (or the time and energy poured into it) has no value.

We believe it brings lots of value to the radio ecosystem, as evidenced by the thousands of stations using it. Sustainability, for us, is the tough task of keeping our core principles fully intact while still building a project that keeps a roof over our heads.

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