As we mentioned earlier this year, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS has reached "end of life" status and is no longer receiving updates. If you're still running an older station powered by 16.04, you must upgrade to 18.04 or, preferably, 20.04 as soon as possible.

If you're not sure what version of Ubuntu you're on, you can run "lsb_release -a" in an SSH terminal to view version details.

16.04 was released in April 2016, 18.04 in April 2018, and 20.04 in April 2020. AzuraCast supports 20.04 fully, so upgrading to that version is ideal.

There are other versions of Ubuntu that are released more frequently, ending in either .04 or .10 for April or October releases respectively, but these aren't part of their long-term-support offering. We only support LTS branches, as stations often stay online for many years.

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