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AzuraCast is the free and open-source software suite that makes web radio simple!

Learn more and get started today at Contribute at

Join us in our Discord ( or Slack ( groups, too!

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AzuraCast is a free and open-source self-hosted web radio station in a box! Our helpful installer tools and powerful web interface let you manage every aspect of your station directly from your browser. Learn more at or our GitHub

AzuraCast 0.17.2 is available on the Stable channel today! It finishes our initial work on HLS streams by including them in listener statistics and showing them on public players as a listening option, along with many other minor bug fixes.


It's official: AzuraCast has over 2,000 stars on GitHub! Thank you so much for the support.

The latest Rolling Release adds listener tracking to our HLS streams. Listeners to HLS streams will be shown in both the live Listeners report and the Station Statistics "Streams" report.

Before the next Stable release, we plan to make HLS a configurable default for players.

AzuraCast 0.17.1 is now available on the Stable release channel. It builds on top of the many new features in 0.17.0, and includes overhauled statistics, LetsEncrypt via the web UI, and the, uh...track-skipping-when-a-DJ-disconnects thing.


New in the Rolling Release: a new Station Statistics page! Choose a custom date range for every metric and chart. Metrics include:
- Best/worst performing and most played songs
- Listeners by time period
- Stats by browser
- Stats by country

More on the way!

The newest Rolling Release includes a new change: when a live DJ disconnects, the AutoDJ will automatically skip to the next song instead of resuming the previous one.

The three of you who have been asking us about this since 2017 will no doubt be thrilled.

New in the Rolling Release: Set up LetsEncrypt free SSL certificates directly from the web UI! If you used the environment files to set up LetsEncrypt, your settings will automatically be moved over. We also now support LetsEncrypt on Ansible installations.

Just to clear up any possible confusion, we have no connection whatsoever with the Bluetooth LE audio broadcast technology, which as of this week is named Auracast.

The similarity is indeed confusing, especially since we both deal with audio broadcasting.

AzuraCast 0.17.0 is now available on the Stable channel! Including:
- HLS Support
- Stereo Tool Support
- Bulk Media Import/Export
- DJ/Streamer Artwork
...and many more bug fixes and improvements.

See the full changelog here:

New in the Rolling Release channel: HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)!

This adaptive-bitrate technology automatically selects the ideal stream for listeners from multiple bitrates, and is increasingly popular on mobile devices.

Enable from the "AutoDJ" tab on the station profile.

Solidarity and support for the LGBTQ+ community this Pride Month. We change our logo every year, not because we're a corporation paying lip service to the community, but because we ARE independent queer creators ourselves, and we stand in support of our LGBTQ+ friends worldwide.

New in the Rolling Release: Custom avatars for Streamers/DJs! Not only do these avatars identify the streamer in the web app, but if no album art is present when they're live and an avatar exists for the current live streamer, the system will display that instead.

New today in the Rolling Release: Stereo Tool support! Upload the Stereo Tool binary from the Admin panel, then set "Audio Processing" on any station to use Stereo Tool, where you can then upload your own custom .sts configuration file.

New today in the Rolling Release: Bulk Media CSV Import/Export!

Download info on all of your media (including playlists, cue points, custom fields and more), make changes in your favorite spreadsheet program, then reupload to update all your media at once. A real time-saver!

If you're wondering where the "Loop Once" setting went, it's moved to the individual schedule items, so you can set whether the playlist loops on a per-schedule-item basis.

We have removed all warnings about these playlist settings, as they no longer apply.

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This is BIG: new in Rolling Release, the AzuraCast AutoDJ can handle ALL of the advanced Playlist settings (interrupt other tracks, only play once per scheduled time, merge to play as one file) without any caveats. Fans of things starting at exact times, rejoice!

Just getting started with Mastodon? We're on there! You can follow us via our account at FOSStodon, an instance devoted to discussion of free and open-source software:

AzuraCast 0.16.0 is now available on the stable branch!

This release includes:
- A unified Docker container,
- Liquidsoap 2.0.4,
- New media format support (stm/s3m/mod/xm/aiff/wma/wmf/asf)
- SFTP storage locations, and
- Many bug fixes!


Station operators, we need your feedback! Recent changes have allowed us to support new audio formats (almost any format that FFmpeg can play). We need feedback on the specific formats that we should add support for in our web UI. Comments welcome here:

A very minor, very silly PSA: if you use AzuraCast on your local computer, you may find it's impossible to open games using the 2K Launcher (Civilization 6, XCOM 2); this is because the launcher tries to open a local server on port 8095. Just temporarily turn off AzuraCast. 😀

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