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The appimage-builder documentation is online!
Now you don't have excuses to make an AppImage for your app! It's super simple!

Many thanks to @readthedocs


I'm glad to announce that v0.5.0 is now available. Featuring a static linked AppRun that speeds up startup and eases the configuration.

Grab it while it's hot!

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@cubadebate bienvenidos a Mastodon! Por favor consideren crear una instancia para cuba y accesible desde la internet!

A new implementation is available for . Brings and an interesting feature: binaries interpreter (read switching at runtime

Will be available son from , stay tuned!

with is a promising combination for creating . This feature is available on 0.4.0 and simplifies a lot the production process

Check out how it works at

appimage-builder 0.3 is out! 😃🎉
And brings a new fancy readme, check it out if you're looking for a simple way of your on

is a recipe based creation tool. That allows producing self-sufficient bundles compatible with a large array of /#Linux systems.

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Meet an creation tool that FINALLY allows packaging your software in MODERN SYSTEMS and STILL be COMPATIBLE with OLDER ONES

It's not production ready but will grow in features and stability quickly. So stay tuned!

CLI Tool 0.1.6 is out! Now brings support for updating your applications from the command line!
Grab it while it's hot!

This is how fells having as first class citizens on

Like it? Fetch the binaries at: (link:

@kde @kdeplanet

Integration binaries are available for @archlinux
and family

Grab it while it's hot at:

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