appimage-builder v0.7.2 is available and brings improved Qt support, bug fixes and better environment setup.

@Gina Lucky you that US politics don't reach those shores with the same strength they impact the rest of the American continent :(

A full bunlde includes all the binaries that an application may need at runtime. It provides the "best portability" at the price of bigger bundles (~30 Mb)

Learn to create it at:

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Good news AppImage fans! Our automated builds now generate a version of #glimpse from the tip of our development branch, and you can use supplementary tools to keep it updated.

Thank you to @azubieta for their amazing work 🎉

Now that appimage-builder has been used in the real world I would like to open a discussion about the recipe format. Comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome :)

appimage-builder v0.7 was released!
It brings bug fixes, better testing logs and multi-arch AppImages support!

Yes, you can create Wine appimages now!
Go and grab it while is hot!

This is 64bits running using @winehq
stable for 64 bits pack as in

Heads up! appimage-builder 0.6.1 was released and brings a fix for a nasty bug that make Qt applications not able to find the qt.conf file.

Please update.

@GIMP_Official creation explained, learn how to work around fixed path in binary files while creating AppImages.

and setups are also included


The issue is fixed, please continue using appimage-manager. Sorry for the inconveniences

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We are having issues with appimage-manager installations from

This is an related issue and should be solved soon.

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