@jason123santa Now it's :)
If you found any issues please feel free to get in touch o fill a report on opencode.net/azubieta/unav-app

@derp I'm not savy of the Haruna internals but provably that's being used in the background.

Have you tried the ? It looks quite good and can play straight form the net thanks to youtbube-dl
Check it out at: appimagehub.com/p/1482936/

Now it's possible to export environment variables from the scripts sections in appimage-builder!

Check this post to learn how to do it: azubieta.net/p/exporting-envir

News from land:
- appimage-manager got rebranded to appimage-cli-tool. It brings a new shiny logo check it out at: pling.com/p/1409136
- Fixed a bug in the github action "build-appimage", sorry for the inconveniences.
- UBports click packages conversion to AppImage: pling.com/p/1480604

I pleased to announce that a new version of appimage-builder is avaliable! This version (0.8.2) brings important bug fixes and improvements in the pacman support thanks to @anupambasak27

Go and get it while is hot :)

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PSA: We have added a $50 USD bounty at @Bountysource for an issue at our bug tracker.

"Boot hangs at ERROR: plymouth failed to start".

Bountysource link: bountysource.com/.../95750918-...

GitHub link: github.com/Nitrux/nitrux-bug-t

#Nitrux #Bountysource #Issues #Bounty #Support

Happy new year folk! We are back to work.

This week we will have a new release of appimage-builder with many bug fixes and improvements!

In the meantime could you please help me test this recipe for packing project as


appimage-builder support about to land, but first we need to do some testing. Would you like to help?

Get in touch, code available at: github.com/AppImageCrafters/ap

appimage-builder v0.7.9 is available and brings a new (and better) implementation of the apt dependencies resolution and deployment helper. Also brings some improvements to the recipe generator feature.

What are you waiting to pack that app using ?

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Check the talk from former Nitrux developer and current AppImage collaborator @azubieta at Linux App Summit 2020 on How to easily create an AppImage using appimage-builder.

#AppImage #Linux #OpenSource

Do you want to learn how to create an ? Or have any questions in general?

Join us tomorrow at @LinuxAppSummit


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Backups are vital in the event of a system malfunction and to recover from data loss. This article will show you how you can keep your personal data safe on Nitrux using Kup.


#Nitrux #Linux #Backup #Tutorial #Kup

appimage-builder v0.7.6 available and brings new features and bug fixes.
Now it's possible to create recipes that only include files and not packages. This allows using the tool in all glibc based distributions.

More at: appimagecrafters.github.io/app

appimage-builder v0.7.2 is available and brings improved Qt support, bug fixes and better environment setup.


@Gina Lucky you that US politics don't reach those shores with the same strength they impact the rest of the American continent :(

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