Now it's possible to export environment variables from the scripts sections in appimage-builder!

Check this post to learn how to do it:

News from land:
- appimage-manager got rebranded to appimage-cli-tool. It brings a new shiny logo check it out at:
- Fixed a bug in the github action "build-appimage", sorry for the inconveniences.
- UBports click packages conversion to AppImage:

I pleased to announce that a new version of appimage-builder is avaliable! This version (0.8.2) brings important bug fixes and improvements in the pacman support thanks to @anupambasak27

Go and get it while is hot :)

Happy new year folk! We are back to work.

This week we will have a new release of appimage-builder with many bug fixes and improvements!

In the meantime could you please help me test this recipe for packing project as

appimage-builder v0.7.9 is available and brings a new (and better) implementation of the apt dependencies resolution and deployment helper. Also brings some improvements to the recipe generator feature.

What are you waiting to pack that app using ?

Do you want to learn how to create an ? Or have any questions in general?

Join us tomorrow at @LinuxAppSummit

appimage-builder v0.7.6 available and brings new features and bug fixes.
Now it's possible to create recipes that only include files and not packages. This allows using the tool in all glibc based distributions.

More at:

A full bunlde includes all the binaries that an application may need at runtime. It provides the "best portability" at the price of bigger bundles (~30 Mb)

Learn to create it at:

Now that appimage-builder has been used in the real world I would like to open a discussion about the recipe format. Comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome :)

appimage-builder v0.7 was released!
It brings bug fixes, better testing logs and multi-arch AppImages support!

Yes, you can create Wine appimages now!
Go and grab it while is hot!

Heads up! appimage-builder 0.6.1 was released and brings a fix for a nasty bug that make Qt applications not able to find the qt.conf file.

Please update.

@GIMP_Official creation explained, learn how to work around fixed path in binary files while creating AppImages.

and setups are also included


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