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CLI Tool 0.1.6 is out! Now brings support for updating your applications from the command line!
Grab it while it's hot!

This is how fells having as first class citizens on

Like it? Fetch the binaries at: (link:

@kde @kdeplanet

Integration binaries are available for @archlinux
and family

Grab it while it's hot at:

no longer feel alien on
Check out

It's still on a alpha state and under heavy development so comments and ideas are welcome

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Today is the day! — Nitrux 1.1.8 is available to download.

Support and Help


#Nitrux #Linux #KDE #AppImage #YourNextOS #OpenSource #ZNX

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Resolving dependencies while building @appimages

is no longer an issue. Take a look on how easy is to do it using @conan_io


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