There is currently a mutiny going on within the GNU project. Some people are breaking away to fork parts of GNU. I won't mention it by name, or link it, because I don't want to boost it.

If you see it: it's *not* the GNU project. Keep supporting GNU, on !

@libreleah I'm against the demonification of rms and that goofball letter, but people within #gnu getting out from under the staffed nonprofit and self-organizing is a positive development, in my mind.

@alrs @libreleah

Yes. The use of the GNU "brand" for that is weird though. It somehow reveals there's something off with the intentions. Something similar happened at GNU when RMS resigned from the FSF back in 2019 iirc. It was just noise. Anyway, we'll be seeing how far this gets and in what shape.

@tagomago @alrs

my hunch is that it's a coup, and very dangerous, but i could be wrong. i'm now lurking in their irc channel

i've made my objections known

@libreleah @tagomago To me the only "danger" in any of this is the FSF corporate nonprofit entity getting hijacked and winding up with a defanged MIT-equivalent GPL4. Hopefully #rms finds a legal structure to park the GPL in perpetuity.


@alrs @libreleah @tagomago can't the copyright holders of libre software "park" their code to GPLv3 and drop the + from GPLv3+, like Torvalds did with GPLv2? But a corrupt FSF would be detrimental to the enforcement of "older" GPL versions, I guess

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