An abundance of squash flowers in the garden meant we got to enjoy them battered and fried yesterday 😋

The batter was simply an egg, some flour and a generous splash of beer.

How do you eat yours (if you do)?


As a dip I finely chopped a pepper and a cucumber and mixed them with quark, a little vinegar and a bunch of herbs and spices.

@axwax @plants

I should start doing that. Even with the bee hive, I get all green and blooms with no fruits.

@TinyHouse4Life Bees usually fly far from their hives to get pollen, so they usually don't pollinate on the same property where their hive is located. @axwax @plants

@mu @axwax @plants

I see them on all the other plants tho and they come to the garden for their water source.

@TinyHouse4Life @plants

As far as improving squash pollination goes:

I sometimes help out my courgette plants by using a cotton bud to transfer some pollen from the male (top) to the female (bottom) flowers.

It does seem to reduce the number of deformed/yellowing fruit, whenever I actually remember to do it.

@axwax @plants I love to wilt them on a pan with some onions and garlic. Then, put them in quesadillas with string cheese and epazote.

@federicomena @plants Oh wow, that sounds very intriguing!

I had to look up epazote, as it's not a herb that is grown around here, but it sounds like it might possibly grow down here :thinking:

But either way, I'll have to try making quesadillas with squash flowers soon - thanks for sharing!

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