@cyrus The mobile client on iOS with the extensions would have been wonderful but since they only partially work it would not be a good fit to replace some of the solutions that I already have in place. Thanks for the feedback.

@FIGBERT @starbreaker Thank you both for the feedback. Ihave had not really played around with the app before but after the feedback I realized that it was not the way I wanted to go. I have decided to go instead with a combination of vim/vim-wiki/Joplin.

So I hav been looking at Standard Notes. Anyone familiar with it and had any experience. I am intrigued by the 5 year funding model.

Ordered a Mini M keyboard with orange WASD key caps and some vim key caps from Unicomp (pckeyboard.com). Unfortunately it will not arrive until after I get back from my vacation. Was really hoping to take it along to really bang out some on my writings while relaxing.

Anyone know a way to track the status of an item in the Pine64 store? In particular, I need to replace the motherboard of my Pinebook Pro but it always seems to be out. Just would like to find a way to get notified once it is in so I can order. Else I might have to look to see if a second hand option is available.

@hund I remember this toot from a while back that suggested one was in the works or soon to be coming into testing but I have not seen anything since.

@ndanes @hund Love mine. Light and comfortable. I have been using Manjaro KDE on mine with generally no issues. Mostly use it for my writing, browsing, some messaging, and such. Nothing hardcore. It has been my primary driver since I have had it and then my heavier work I use on my System76 Oryx.

I am currently experiencing some sporadic problems rebooting or sometimes powering on. From my abuse, not design. Waiting for the store to refresh so I can order a motherboard replacement.

Stop using "Zoom" as a general term for video conferencing.
Stop using "Google" as a general term for searching the web.

@lps @imattau @yunohost @nextcloud I have a few raspberry pi devices to utilize. I figured I would combine them over to a VPS with a reverse proxy. My current setup plan is to have Nextcloud, Piwigo, Firefox Sync, Bitwarden, and Navidrome to start. I might consider a pastebin or hedgedoc on top of it. From there, who knows.

@lps @imattau @yunohost @nextcloud So glad to hear! The response has given me a go at it and has given me a few ideas along the way about how to expand adoption of the fediverse and privacy centric tools.

@imattau @lps @yunohost @nextcloud I am setting up at home as a holiday gift to my family for privacy and data retention. I have long been a fan of and have dabbled in scripting for bots for notifications of events and status. I am considering a Mastodon or Pleroma instance but I will probably do that outside of home for friends and family. I use write.as for blogging.

@notgaladriel Welcome to the Fediverse. I am with interests in , , and trying to better understand my own existence. is a topic of interest as I battle extreme and other issues. I have been working a little on crochet but have not dabbled in embroidery and the like. I look forward to seeing how you find yourself i the Fediverse and what you have to share.

Bed now, headphones on, and indulgent music playing. Been thinking about possibly introducing “The Perfect Wedding “ to family for a holiday movie potential tradition. Not sure yet.

@fribbledom 2020 may have been rough financially for many. It may have cost lives that we will miss. It may have been lockdowns, social distances, and a break down of our social conventions. However, it has exposed what we have failed at. It has exposed what we have the capacity to excel at. True 20/20 vision is hindsight, ask Epimetheus. We see now how fragile economies and health care systems, our inadequate safety nets, and more. We come together. Now to be better.

Late night. Adapting @distrotube@mastodon.technology dotfiles for picom, i3, etc for my own personal use before I reinstall for my most comfortable desktop. Several glasses of White Zinfandel. Romantic comedies ... The Perfect Wedding, Sordid Lives ... etc. Either I am having a really comfortable evening or I am having a poor excuse for a grand evening. Either way, there it is.

I have the next several days off, so I am implementing for the my family for a holiday gift.

Have you tried the profile note feature on Mastodon?

✅ You can add your own notes to people's profiles on Mastodon: go to their profile page and click on "click to add note". Only you can see the note.

It's useful if you want to keep track of people you're interacting with, especially if their profile biogs are incomplete or absent. (For example if someone developed a particular app but their profile doesn't mention it, you can add a reminder for yourself.)

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

Y'all constantly remind me that about the under that tree that I have to wait 10 more days to open 🤪

@dsv @VPG That looks really right now. I have not done pickled red onions before. I have been partial to a light pickled cucumber salad for my burgers and sandwiches. I must give the red onions a go for my next.

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